What can you expect from Renascer Remake begins with cowardly

What can you expect from Renascer? Remake begins with cowardly and cruel attack TV

The starting point of Renascer is the arrival of José Inocêncio (Humberto Carrão/Marcos Palmeira) in the country where he plants his machete, suffers a bloody ambush and seals his fate as an outsider seeking to escape the plague that is ravaging the cocoa plantations. After almost dying in the first scenes of the Globo remake, he will turn around and laugh at his colonel opponents.

In the first phase of the twoweek soap opera, the hiker is confronted with the adverse and decadent scenario in southern Bahia in the 1990s. He will become the largest cocoa farmer in this area, while Colonels, real snakes, will lose everything due to a fungus called the Witch's Broom.

Instead of measuring strength with nature in the remake, José Inocêncio allies himself with it and betrays his beliefs and ideals. All the rulers will laugh at the way the braggart will act.

But while José Inocêncio's enemies will blame the fungus for the tragic situation in the cocoa region, José Inocêncio will work hard with his allies from dawn to dusk, treating them like colleagues and not as miserable pawns, unlike the colonels.

In the premiere, which will be broadcast this Monday (22), the audience will see the young José Inocêncio wandering through the many deserted fields until he comes across a huge jequitibá tree. Given the size of the tree, he will make a decision that will change his life.

“Here I will establish my kingdom,” he will say. To seal the promise, he will stick the machete up to the hilt at the feet of the Jequitibárei. The gesture will be solemn, with only the forest and the birds as witnesses.

“As long as my machete is here and stuck at your feet, neither you nor I will die… Neither by a killed death… Nor by a dead death!”, the young man will say, interpreted by Humberto Carrão. The line is iconic, many people who saw the original version of the series in 1993 remember this scene.

According to Bruno Luperi, the author who adapts the story of his grandfather Benedito Ruy Barbosa, the wind will blow as if the tree were accepting the soul of José Inocêncio as an offering. “This is the story of José Inocêncio, who arrives in Bahia, establishes himself in an environment, raises his children with difficulties, this is the story that is told,” says the screenwriter, who indicates that his task is to Update story. do not recreate. there.

It will not be so easy for José Inocêncio to become the owner of this land. Shortly afterwards he is attacked. Colonel Firmino's (Enrique Diaz) henchmen will undress the protagonist. They will cut off his back and hang him from a tree in front of the Jequitibárei.

The merchant Rachid (Gabriel Sater/Almir Sater), a noble and generous soul, will find José Inocêncio in this desperate state and will be terribly afraid. The good guy will beg to be killed, he will be in so much pain. The street vendor sterilizes hands, needles and threads with a liter of cachaça. He will sew the victim with his own skin before falling back into the world.

“I had already seen many scenes, it is an iconic soap opera. When I saw them I went crazy, I was sure I wanted to do them. It's all very beautiful, mysterious, powerful, really intense. José Inocêncio is really the best,” concludes Humberto Carrão, who will pass the baton to Marcos Palmeira in the 13th chapter.

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