What challenges will Francois Legault face in 2024 TVA

What challenges will François Legault face in 2024? – TVA News

While a recent Léger poll places Prime Minister François Legault eighth in its barometer of Quebecers' favorite political figures, what does the leader of the CAQ need to do to raise the profile of his citizens?

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TVA Nouvelles asked several citizens what their central theme was for the next year.

“The cost of living is a big issue,” says one man. In 2024 it would be fun if people’s wallets were a little easier.”

“Health, waiting in hospitals, that’s what we really need to improve,” a passerby added.

Education and social services are also top priorities for some people.

“My wish is that they put more money into schools and hospitals,” says one woman.

“I wish there was more help for people in need,” a passerby added.

According to MEDIa Public Relations founder Marie-Eve Doyon, the prime minister must use projects in which Quebecers recognize themselves to regain their trust.

“What the coalition seems to be missing at the moment is that we hear a lot about battery factories, but that is a far cry from the average citizen stuck in traffic and struggling to get treatment in the health system who is looking for schools in good condition .”

“So the Prime Minister must find concrete projects and, above all, keep his promises, because that was the most difficult thing for him at the beginning of this second term.”

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