What did Fred Nicacio and Marilia hear in the BBB

What did Fred Nicácio and Marília hear in the BBB 23 Secret Room? syringes

Fred Nicácio and Marília were the first to be eliminated by BBB 23 but they won the opportunity to remain in the Secret Room. For the other participants, the duo is definitely out of the game.

While in the dynamic, they can also watch the cameras in the house and listen in to some conversations using cards made available by the production of the program.

They had five cards to eavesdrop on house calls and they used them all in one hour.

See what Fred and Marília heard on BBB 23:

  • Larissa and Tina said that Marília did not contribute to BBB 23 except for her participation in Castigo do Monstro. “What other moment did she have?” asked the model
  • Shortly after, they heard Tina criticize Marília again this time to Aline: “Other than the monster theme, I didn’t see another moment of exposure [de Marília]”
  • Gabriel said the elimination of Fred, who he had a clash with in the first week of reality, took a “weight” off his shoulders

Ranch set up successfully

  • Although he had heard nothing compromising from Bruno, Fred criticized his brother to Marília
  • According to the doctor, Bruno is “malicious, envious” and feels jealous
  • “He releases the poison on purpose and finds it funny to distort the story,” Nicácio said
  • Marília agreed with her colleague, saying she doesn’t trust Bruno

How does the secret room work?

  • Fred and Marília will compete in a vote that has already started to stay in the game
  • One of them will return to the house while the other will be permanently eliminated.
  • The result of the dispute will be announced on Thursday (26.)

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