What did Shakira do after the picture Pique released with

What did Shakira do after the picture Piqué released with Clara Chía?

After the release of Gerard Piquethe first image on his social networks next to his girlfriend Clara Chía, the reaction of Shakira did not wait, but it was only to emphasize the success that the Music Session #53 along with Bizarrap and also to highlight the patience his children Milan and Sasha have for him.

Shakira continues to bill and enjoy the success of his latest song, which already has more than 200 million views bizarrewho have highlighted it on their personal social media accounts.

New version of Music Session #53

Besides, if Shakira made millions sing with the dedications to his ex-partner Klara Chianow those millions can keep singing, but also dancing, as a new version of the Music Session #53 in a merengue version, and the Colombian singer herself assured that it was for dancing. “Women no longer cry, women dance merengue,” he wrote on his Instagram account for a video of the new version.

What did Shakira do with her kids after Piqué posted the photo?

And to show how little he cares about the photo that Piqué published on Thursday on a social network, where the former footballer still has pictures next to the music star. Shakira She devoted herself to cooking for her children and showed it in her stories on the social network, although she was not happy with the result, emphasizing the patience they have for her. Milan and Sascha.

The Colombian made pancakes for her little ones, and while the goal seemed to be making pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse, the result wasn’t what she expected. “Micky or Panda?” Shakira asked with a picture of a pancake that looked a little burnt.

The next one looked better, although unpalatable to her, and that was the point Shakira He emphasized the patience of his children. “This one was inedible, but luckily my kids are a bit patient with me in the mornings.”

so while pique suspects his relationship to Klara Chia and she has already uploaded her first picture with her on social networks, the Colombian devotes time to her children and cooks for them, although the result is not the best.