What does the largest airport in the world look like

What does the largest airport in the world look like and which country is it in?

The Airports They are the connection center for millions of people every day, so their level of transitivity requires locations that meet their needs. With this in mind, many countries have built large airport centers that even have their own transport services. However, there is one that stands out for its considerable dimensions, which make it a real highlight largest airport in the worldwhich surpasses important cities like Washington, Madrid or Buenos Aires.

It's about King Fahd International Airportlocated in the city Dammam, Saudi Arabia. This mega project with a total of 775 square kilometers, served as a United States air base during the Gulf War. Nevertheless, they began operations as an international air terminal in 1999.

What does the largest airport in the world look like

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What does King Fahd International Airport, the largest in the world, look like?

The original design of King Fahd International Airportfrom Saudi Arabiawas managed in 1976 by the architectural firm Yamasaki & Associates. However, construction was not completed until 1990, when the United States used it to store its ships during the Gulf War.

After clearing the site, Saudi Arabia's General Authority for Civil Aviation officially opened the airport on November 28, 1999. Since then, its infrastructure has been expanded and currently has two runways, each 4,000 meters long.

1709682856 89 What does the largest airport in the world look likeThe King Fahd International Airport terminal has 6 spacious floors. Photo: @kfi_airport/Instagram

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In addition, it has three main buildings and the most important is the passenger terminal with an area of ​​327,000 square meters and six floors. There, passengers will find souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes, banks and a 5-star hotel. On the other hand, a property for employees and another for the exclusive use of the Saudi royal family, which has luxurious details, were also built on the extensive property.

Likewise, the flights of more than 38 airlines are monitored from a modern 84 meter high control tower. It is surrounded by a large three-story parking lot of 176,752 square meters, which can accommodate 4,500 vehicles.

He King Fahd International Airport It is also characterized by having its own mosque, which is about 46,200 square meters, has a capacity for 2,000 people and surrounds a large garden.

1709682859 162 What does the largest airport in the world look likeKing Fahd International Airport has its own mosque. Photo: @kfi_airport/Instagram

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How many people pass through King Fahd Airport in Saudi Arabia?

Although it is the largest airport in the world, the King Fahd of Saudi Arabia It carries only 9.7 million passengers per year. In fact, in July and August 2023, they recorded a record by receiving more than 1,065,000 passengers per month.

When we talk about the busiest airports in the world, we have to mention them Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, In the United States. In 2022, this air hub received 93.6 million passengers, consolidating its first position in the world in more than 23 years.

The following follows: Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, with 73.4 million; He Denver International Airport, with 69.3 million; He Chicago O'Hare Airport, with 68.3 million; and that Dubai International Airportwith 66 million.