What does the obscene acts complaint against Fedez and Rosa

What does the obscene acts complaint against Fedez and Rosa Chemical say for twerking in Sanremo

The exhibition ofPro-Life Association in the direction fedez And pink chemistry for the exhibition in Sanremo 2023 is based on two articles of the penal code. The first is Article 529the second the 527. The association presented it together with the former minister Karl Giovanardi and to the lawyer Valerio Cianciulli. And it is accompanied by a petition opposing “gender propaganda,” “fluid sexuality,” “polyamory,” and pornography. In the viewfinder is the twerking scene between the two artists and not the kiss that follows. That’s when Rosa Chemical sat on the rapper’s legs. And the subsequent reaction of Fedez, who mimicked a hug in the Ariston in the front row. The two had “imitated sexual intercourse with relative orgasm on live television,” the two promoters of the ad wrote to the Sanremo public prosecutor’s office.

The Penal Code

Article 527 of the Criminal Code declares that «anyone who commits obscene acts in a public or open place or exposed to the public is subject to the fine of the Administrative Authority 5,000 euros to 30,000 euros. It applies instead the penalty imprisonment from four months to four years and six months when the offense is committed in or in the immediate vicinity of places commonly frequented by minors”. Since television “is visited by minors,” says the lawyer Luke Ghelfi who made the complaint will certainly have asked for review. Article 529 of the Criminal Code Instead, it defines what are obscene acts, i.e. those which are “according to common opinion contrary to decency”. And here first the prosecutor and then the judge must decide whether those impersonated by Fedez and Rosa Chemical offend him or not. This decision determines whether to continue or not.

“An act of unprecedented gravity”

According to the initiative’s initiators, “This is a matter of unprecedented gravity, which has provoked a wave of general outrage at the shame, discomfort and disgust caused by the vulgarity of behavior in the sexual sphere”. in the petition For life he also aims at the conductor Amadeus: who «explained during the five evenings that it was necessary to explain to the children that there is a man who loves a man and a woman who loves a woman and that this is normal ». And again: «Rosa Chemical herself brought messages about gender, fluidity, polyamory and pornography to the stage. Not to mention the propaganda in favor of abortion and the legalization of cannabis».

The file on Blanco

Meanwhile, the Imperia public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation file on Blanco after the ad codacons for the singer damaging the Ariston stage. The mother said yesterday she had not yet received a communication from the prosecutor. However, investigations in such cases normally take at least six months. Assuming the prosecution really decides to go ahead. And those investigating Rosa Chemical and Fedez aren’t necessarily doing it either. Regarding this story, Rosa Chemical has been talking about an exaggerated story in the last few days and took it out on the fanatics.

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