What has Adidas said after fans complaints about embroidery on

What has Adidas said after fans’ complaints about embroidery on the Peru team kit?

What has Adidas said after fans complaints about embroidery on

The Peruvian team will be dressed by the German company from 2023 Adidas. At the beginning of the year, the sports brand presented its first two jersey models for the two-tone (main and alternative) with designs that elicited diverse reactions from the fans. The quality of the garments was also questioned by fans, who particularly observed the detail of the embroidery that shows the “skin” of the Inca outfit.

Asked about the situation, Guillermo Byrne, the German company’s marketing director, indicated that this was due to the distinctive color of the jacket used by the team led by Juan Reynoso.

“The kits have global designs, all the teams have the same embroidery. We have a matrix for the national teams, for example, the matrix used by Argentina is that of Peru and the embroidery is more pronounced on a whiter jersey, but.” it’s a design problem that can be solved,” he told La República.

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Adidas manager: “We like to sponsor the team”

Speaking of his relationship with the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF), Byrne said they were “happy” to sponsor the Blanquirroja and appreciated the good reception from fans despite some unforeseen events on the calendar.

“The relationship with the FPF is going very well, we’ve resumed it after 28 years. We’re super happy to be sponsoring the national team. We’ve had some changes in the senior team’s calendar and that means the sales forecasts are a bit higher lie, but it was well received by the public,” he said.

How much does the Peru team’s Adidas jersey cost?

The jersey of the 2023 version of the Peruvian team of the Adidas brand costs S/299 for men. In child sizes the price is S/239. It can be purchased virtually from the company’s official website and also in person at any of its physical stores.