What is King Charles hiding in new royal family photo

What is King Charles “hiding” in new royal family photo?

Buckingham Palace released the first official photograph of King Charles and Queen Camilla, titles were adopted after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and one detail caught our attention: the king’s hand.

In the picture published on the palace’s official website, the new king has his right hand in a pocket of his coat. On the left he hugs his wife Camila, but also does not appear in the picture.

The king is the only one whose fingers are not in the photo, unlike Camilla, William and Kate.

On social media, some pointed out the “curious” fact.

Immediately after the Queen’s death, a photo of Charles showing off his “swollen” fingers went viral.

The Daily Star spoke to a University of Chester professor who explained what may have caused this:

“Edema is a condition where the body starts to hold fluid in the limbs, usually the legs and ankles but also the fingers, causing them to swell. The ability to regulate fluids is limited,” he said.

“Charles has read the comments people have made about his hands,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Charles saw you talking about his fingers and hid his hand,” joked another.

See the full photo: