What is life worth

“What is life worth?”


Fátima Sampaio eventually lost a family member and was stuck for hours, unable to attend the wake

By Ysac Freitas

02/11/2022 18:17 BRT

02/11/2022 18:17 BRT

Photo 1: Reproduction/Instagram Fátima Sampaio  Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Cid MoreiraPhoto 1: Reproduction/Instagram Fátima Sampaio Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Cid MoreiraYsac Freitas

Fátima Sampaio, wife of Cid Moreira, appeared on her social networks this Wednesday (02) to give vent to her fans. It turns out that the exGlobal’s wife had to leave after losing a nephew. Eventually, due to roadblocks, Fátima missed her relative’s wake.

Without mincing words, the veteran said she doesn’t care who emerges as the big winner or loser in the presidential race, as she is deeply sorry for the loss of her family member. “I’m very sad. To be honest, I’m a little looking for the winner of the election. I lost a nephew, a 36yearold boy who I liked very much,” he began.

She later reveals that the trip took longer than expected, three times longer due to the protests, leaving the presenter’s wife completely upset and irritated. “It took me 14 to 15 hours to go to the wake. It took me so much longer to come back. I went insane on the trip, which should have been 6 hours,” she said.

Eventually she ends with questions and seems very upset at not being able to say one last goodbye to her nephew. “I kept thinking about the value of life, about the heat of things. What is life worth? Why do people go crazy? are you so deluded Why does anyone lose track of what it’s worth or not?” said Cid’s wife.