What is the minimum number of dates Alianza Lima needs

What is the minimum number of dates Alianza Lima needs to win the inaugural tournament?

What is the minimum number of dates Alianza Lima needs

the step of Lima Alliance In the inaugural Liga 1 2023 tournament, without fear of exaggeration, it can be described as overwhelming. Since losing 1-0 to Sport Huancayo (the only game they’ve lost on the pitch), the intimate club have won every other game and that trend seems to be increasing given the strength seen at “Chicho” Salas , not changeable. Team. The two-time champion is the only league leader with a five-point lead university.

Last Thursday, the Blue and Whites decided the forthcoming game with a 2-0 win over César Vallejo at the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium, where they not only won all competitive games but also didn’t concede a single goal. Given these incredible numbers, his induction into the competition is a matter of time, as some sportswriters and fans are already recognizing.

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How many dates can Alianza win the opening?

If he continues his good winning streak in the remaining duels, the Victorian team will win the opening no matter what their guards can do. However, if you want to achieve this goal as quickly as possible, you should expect a number of “helps” from your “comrade” rivals.

Alianza currently has 33 points, 5 more than the “U” with 15 units to play (five games remaining). If the Grone cast wins their next two games and the Meringues lose them (or fall in one and tie the other), the difference will be more than 10 points, while only 9 points would still be disputed.

This means that if all results are in favor of the Alliance team, it would only take at least two more dates (Matchday 16) to officially declare themselves the winner of the Apertura tournament.

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Alianza defeated Vallejo 2-0: goals of the match

In a game that was not spared controversy, “Chicho” Salas’ side won 2-0 despite struggling to score the first goal. The first goal came after 60 minutes by Bryan Reyna, including “Taquito”. Then, after around 83 minutes, Aldair Rodríguez put the finishing touch with a ‘rocket’ from an angle Carlos Grados couldn’t handle.

  • Alliance Lima 1-0 Cesar Vallejo | Bryan Reyna (60′)
  • Alliance Lima 2-0 Cesar Vallejo | Aldair Rodriguez (83′)

Remaining game of Alianza Lima

Those are the clashes Alianza have left until the end of the first short tournament of the season.

  • Date 2: Municipal Sports (Local)
  • Date 16: Melgar (visit)
  • Date 17: Binational (local)
  • Date 18: ADT Tarma (Visit)
  • Date 19: Deportivo Garcilaso (local).