What is the special Karat, a 5 euro system is enough

Preset systems with cards that cost from five euros and each of which has won four million for those who bought the right one: it is the so-called “Special Caliber” bet that has made it possible to hit the 371 million jackpot per Superenalotto .

In essence, these are caliber games, that is, systems, but in this case they are not organized and validated by the receiver. SuperEnalotto ‘Special Classes’ are actually odds made available to recipients through Sisal’s ‘System Notice Board’: the coupons are issued directly from the terminal of the recipient who previously purchased them. Bets are divided into shares, from a minimum of two to a maximum of one hundred and twenty-five, each represented by cards printed from the gaming terminal, which are then sold to the players. The unit price of each share (ie each coupon in this case) must not be less than five euros. Last Thursday’s win was therefore thanks to the “Systems Board”, with the jackpot being divided into ninety cards of five euros each.

Portions of these systems can be sold from various outlets, none of which own the “mother” which is kept at the Sisal headquarters. Each of the coupons differs from the other normal carat receipts by the writing “Giocate a Caratura Speciale”, which can be read in the field directly below the indication of the prognosis. “We sell several of these systems every week, we put them on the pinboard and whoever comes in takes them away,” explain the bars and tobacconists where the lucky tokens were bought.

In general, for prizes over 52,000 euros, you have to take the ticket receipt to the prize office in Milan or Rome: a few hours ago, on the day after the prize draw, three of them had already turned up early in the morning.

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