What is the "Systems Bulletin Board" who won 371 million at SuperEnalotto

It thundered and drizzled, at least compared to expectations: no mega-millionaires, the record jackpot of just over 371 million won yesterday with SuperEnalotto (the highest ever and the highest in the world until 8 p.m. last night) will not go to a lucky winner, but to 90 players who had bought a share of a classic “Systematic”. Each of them takes home about 4 million. The day before yesterday The last “6” worth 156 million was struck on May 22, 2021 in Montappone, in the province of Fermo. Yesterday the winning sextuplet was created on the Systems Bulletin Board. Sisal announced that the win was obtained thanks to a caliber system played through the Sisal Systems Bulletin Board, 90 shares of 5 euros. The winning combination for the February 16 drawing is: 1, 38, 47, 52, 56, 66; the wild number 72; Superstar number 23.

371 million won thanks to the Systems Board

Campania is the region that celebrated the most last night: in fact, 14 millionaire wins are the result of as many shares bought in Campania. The national record belongs to the Bar Paradiso di Stelle in Atripalda, in the province of Avellino, where $6 million shares were sold for over €4 million each. Three shares were also sold in the municipality of Milan: in a tobacco shop on Via Novara, in a sisal shop on Via Ugo Bassi and in a shop on Via Dogana. Two in Turin, in a tobacconist in Piazza Mattirolo and in a bar in Via Sospello.

6 shares – Bar Paradiso di Stelle – via Appia 197 199 – Atripalda (Av)
5 – Bar on the terrace – via Pordenone 45 – Codroipo (Ud)
5 – sweet oven – via Mainini snc – Montecassiano (Mc)
3 – Kiosk – corner of Piazza Cavour – via dei Mille snc – La Spezia
3 – Bar Bevuto di Catalano Carmelino – via Bevuto 16 – Termini Imerese (Pa)
3 – Tobacco Clouds – piazza Kennedy 14 18 – Palestrina (Rm)
2 – Vapors and Perfumes – Viale Friuli 5 – Cormons (Go)
2 – Tabacchi Benedetto – via Colombo 201 – Crotone
2 – Primus Café – corso Italia 49 – Sant’Antimo (Naples)
2 – Sweet puff pastry bar – via dei pini 56 – Casal Velino (Sat)
2 – Tobacco Castaldo – via oberdan 69 71 – Afragola (Naples)
1 – Rainbow Tobacco Shop – via del lagaccio 66 – Genoa
1 – Tobacco Stadium – via Novara 123 – Milan
1 – Sisal Entertainment Spa – via Ugo Bassi 6 – Milan
1 – Café central – SS 31 alessandria 165 – Casale Monferrato (Al)
1 – stationery kiosk – via Torino 38 – Carema (To)
1 – Tobacconist Lanteri Claudio – Piazza Mattirolo 15 c – Turin
1 – Bar h – Via Sospello 146 – Turin
1 – Tobacconist Francesca – via Cimabue 2 b – Pioltello (Milan)
1 – Tabaccheria del domm – Via Dogana 1 – Milan (MI)
1 – Tobacco kiosk – via Alcide De Gasperi 22 a – Rovetta (bg)
1 – Largo Matteotti Station Newsstand Bar 2 3 – Toscolano-Maderno (Bs)
1 – Ca’ Rossa tobacco bar – over 5 days 1716 – Caronno Pertusella (Va)
1 – Tobacconist via Roma 47 – Villafranca Padovana (Pd)
1 – Casonato Diego – via dei Mille 318 a – Rovigo (Ro)
1 – Alba chiara via oriani 8 a – Trieste (Ts)
1 – Corbo Bressani Mara Tobacco Shop – Piazza Aldo Moro 5 – Attimis (Ud)
1 – Kiosk Giacomi – Via Diaz 63 – Bolzano (Bz)
1 – Fable srl – via Demetrio Tripepi 124 – Reggio di Calabria (RC)
1 – Tabacchi n 16 – via po’ 31 d – Cattolica (Rn)
1 – Tobacco Gualandi Marcello – Via Gordini 24 2 – Valsamoggia (Bo)
1 – Sara Bernardi – via Monari 14 – Vergato (Bo)

“We recently received news that six of the 90 winning Bacheca dei Sistemi shares have been bought by our store,” Armando Coppola, owner of Il Paradiso delle Stelle bar in Atripalda, in the province of Avellino, told Agimeg. “Our bar is on a thoroughfare, so the number of customers is very high. The odds of this bet, priced at 5 euros each, are among the most purchased by users, in fact we sell an average of 100 a day and therefore, to be honest, I have no idea who the lucky players could be, the 4 each, won 2 million euros.”

“Our business – he continues – is very fortunate in the SuperEnalotto because it is not the first time that the ‘6’ has been beaten by the Bacheca dei Sistemi. About 5-6 years ago we sold two shares that proved successful and gave away the beauty of 1.1 million euros. Obviously today’s jackpot is more sensational because it was the biggest jackpot in the world”.

The last jackpot won at the Board of Systems was 177 million won on October 30, 2010, thanks to a carat system: 70 shares of 24 euros each.

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Jackpot: Now it doesn’t start at zero, but at 54 million

Thanks to the Reboot jackpot (precisely designed to keep interest in the game high after an outstanding win), the six-time winner will already bring €54.7 million to her plate in the next competition: a “treasure” that, thanks to all the following Contests built up the last 6 where no 5+ was reached, with half of the second tier jackpot increasing the jackpot while the remaining 50% make up the restart jackpot.

What is the Systems Bulletin Board: how it works

With the Systems Bacheca you can buy shares in many existing systems specially designed by sisal professionals: if you put more numbers in play you obviously have more chances of guessing the winning lineup. The odds of the math sticking around are still very slim.

In any case, the systems are bets consisting of more than 6 numbers that generate all possible combinations and thus allow multiple wins. The system is a game that brings more SuperEnalotto numbers and combinations into play, increasing your winnings in terms of both possibilities and amounts. For example: On a 7 number system, if you guess 4, press ‘4’ 3 times and ‘3’ 4 times.

All systems proposed by the bulletin board are divided into cartoons (odds) and are therefore accessible to everyone. Example: A system with 10 numbers priced at €100 is divided into 10 units priced at €10 each. It is then the player who decides how many shares of one or more systems to buy. Additional odds are available for each of the systems available on the notice board.

The carats are simply the proportions into which the systems are divided. There are two types of carats. The neat weights are the proportions of the systems packaged by the receivers. The special weights are the dimensions of the systems prepared by sisal professionals. On the online systems bulletin board you can buy special karat, ie stocks of SuperEnalotto systems made by sisal professionals. How much do the odds on the bulletin board cost? This depends on the size of the system and the number of shares it consists of. Sisal’s online bulletin boards have odds ranging from €5 to €999. Superenalotto draws are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night but the Systems Notice Board is always open.

How to collect the winnings

The winner has 90 days to present the sweepstakes receipt at the Sisal Prize Offices:

  • Sisal SpA Awards Office – Rome. Viale Sacco and Vanzetti, 89 – 00155 – Rome. From Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m
  • Sisal SpA Awards Office – Milan. Via Ugo Bassi, 6 – 20159 – Milan. From Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m

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Biggest wins in SuperEnalotto history

  • 371,133,424.51 on 02/16/2023
  • 209,160,441.54 on 08/13/2019 in Lodi
  • 177.729.043.16 on 10/30/2010 in the Systems Bulletin Board
  • 163,538,706.00 on 10/27/2016 in Vibo Valentia
  • 156,294,151.36 on 05/22/2021 in Montappone

Lotto draws today and SuperEnalotto numbers on Thursday 16th February 2023