What proportion of the more than 26000 people killed in

What proportion of the more than 26,000 people killed in Gaza were Hamas fighters? Liberation


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The war between Hamas and IsraelDossierThe Gaza Ministry of Health does not distinguish between civilians and combatants in its figures. According to the IDF, two-thirds of the victims were civilians. Other estimates suggest a higher proportion.

The death toll from Israeli operations in Gaza since October 7, recorded by the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Health Ministry, now stands at over 26,000 dead. A number that is no longer really discussed. On December 4, as the death toll passed 15,000, the AP and AFP news agencies quoted Israeli officials as saying that the Gaza authorities' count was “fairly accurate.”

The time when numbers were questioned, especially after the explosion at Al-Ahli Hospital, for which the Ministry of Health reported a unanimously inflated death toll of 471, appears to be over. According to various researchers, the Palestinian government's data is actually underestimated. The method used by the Ministry of Health to determine the more than 26,000 deaths is questionable. Gaza's Ministry of Health, which is under Hamas control, tells CheckNews that the missing people and bodies trapped under the rubble (an estimated 8,500 people) are not counted as dead, nor are the unidentified people who arrived at the hospital , whose unidentified corpse was body