What reinforcements are there for the LVBP finals 2024 Additions

What reinforcements are there for the LVBP finals 2024? Additions by La Guaira and Lara

Sharks of La Guaira and cardinals of Lara They have already announced it Reinforcement for the final of the LVBP 2024. Both were in the draft before the definition for the Venezuelan baseball title Coastal ensembles as dusk You had the opportunity to bring some with you additions This could be useful during this week's games and next week. In this case, the players from teams that had already been eliminated in the round robin were called up. Next, check the additions that these novenas did.

What reinforcements are there for the LVBP finals 2024?

Below we will show you the Reinforcement that the Tiburones de La Guaira and Cardenales de Lara brought for the LVBP Finals 2024:

Sharks of La Guaira

Cardinals of Lara

Final LVBP 2024 reinforcements

Right-handed pitcher Jhoulys Chacín is the Lara Cardinals' backup. Photo: Cardinals

Where is Jhoulys Chacín from and what are his statistics during the LVBP 2024?

Jhoulys Chacin He is from Maracaibo, Venezuela and just pitched for the Leones del Caracas in the round robin where he threw the following statisticsaccording to LVBP:

  • Games won: 1
  • Games lost: 0
  • Games released: 4
  • Hits: 24
  • Runs allowed: 9
  • Runs Earned: 9
  • Home runs: 2
  • Strikeouts: 13
  • Whip: 1.30.

How did Harold Ramírez fare with the Leones del Caracas?

Leone's left fielder, Harold Ramirez, played 9 games in the round robin, a phase in which he posted a .316 average, .421 slugging and a .746 OPS; receive 12 hits, 2 doubles, a triple and 5 RBIs. The Colombian major league hit no home runs and according to the official LVBP website, he struck six times.

Final LVBP 2024 reinforcements

Leones player Harold Ramírez is La Guaira's reinforcement for the LVBP final. Photo: Sharks

Reinforcement of the Cardinals for the finals

Jhoulys Chacin He was officially announced as the Cardinals' lone backup for the 2024 LVBP Finals.