What was the final chapter of Land and Passion like

What was the final chapter of Land and Passion like? Uturn shocks the public TV news

The final chapter of Terra e Paixão this Friday (19) began with Antônio (Tony Ramos) intruding on the wedding of Aline (Barbara Reis) and Caio (Cauã Reymond). However, a twist caught the public's attention. Agatha (Eliane Giardini) was the victim of a conspiracy brutally murdered by Angelina (Inez Viana) and Gentil (Flávio Bauraqui).

“It is time for this widow to say goodbye to this world,” said the villain, who was prevented from shooting the rural producer by Ramiro (Amaury Lorenzo). The farmer turned the tables and took Kelvin hostage. “I will kill you, I will kill you,” the farmer repeated.

To make matters worse, Barbara Reis' character went into labor in the middle of the ceremony. She refused to go to the hospital before the blessing. “Then quickly exchange your rings,” suggested the priest.

Outside the church, Ramiro suffered an anxiety attack. “You are an idiot,” Antônio shot, daring him to kill him. “Shoot, it's the last time in your life you have to shoot,” encouraged Kelvin, who was injured when he managed to escape the villain.

In desperation, the henchman shot his exboss just as Aline was giving birth to twins. “It's not possible that such an ass shot at me,” complained Antônio, who fell hard to the ground with a few more shots.


Antônio and Kelvin in the last chapter

Kelvin kisses Ramiro

Marino (Leandro Lima) had no choice but to arrest Ramiro redhanded for killing Antônio. “It's the right thing to do, but I won't break up with you, Kelvinho. I love you. Don’t cry,” he said, receiving a big kiss from the Naitandei waiter.

Aline was surprised to give birth to a girl and a boy, and Caio was informed of his father's death at the reception at the hospital. “He entered the church in disguise during his wedding, but Ramiro stopped him. He dragged him out of the church and shot him. “Your father is dead,” the investigator explained.

Petra (Debora Ozório) burst into tears, comforted by her own brother. “He paid for what he did. He has to settle accounts with God,” said the protagonist played by Cauã Reymond.

Antônio's accomplice in numerous crimes, Silvério (Samir Murad), returned to drinking after years of abstinence. He was arrested anyway. “I still have to take him with me. He helped his client escape and that is apparently just one of the violations,” said one of the police officers.

Who was Antônio's successor?

Since Caio refused to take over one of the properties in La Selva, Petra suggested setting up a clinic for abused women in the villa. “This is what you have to do. “Turning the evil that our father did into good for everyone,” the young man said.

After some time, the agronomist invited Hélio (Rafael Vitti) to take over the management of the family's main plantations. “Now I need to know if you'll agree to my marriage proposal,” replied the heartthrob, who got down on one knee to sign the commitment with a ring. “Do you want to marry me?” he added.

Who killed Agatha?

Angelina was responsible for putting an end to the mystery of who killed Agatha. “Changing cups was considered selfdefense,” she said, and was arrested as one of the possible murderers. “But no one knows the truth,” Gentil said.

An unprecedented flashback revealed that the housekeeper intentionally poisoned Caio's mother by intentionally mixing poison into her drink. “What have you done?” asked the exconvict, killed by someone who least expected it.

After all, it wasn't Antônio who pushed the woman down the stairs. Gentil was the one who was there to send her straight to hell, in a storyline with Inez Viana's character.

Lucinda and Marino

Lucinda (Débora Falabella) resumed her normal life after recovering from her coma. She enters Marino's lap at the inn and is surprised by a surprise party organized by Anely (Tatá Werneck). “Today is the happiest day of my life,” Christian (Felipe Melquiades) added.

Jonathan and Grace

Jonatas (Paulo Lessa) returned to work after going through a crisis due to losing mobility in his lower limbs. He married Graça (Agatha Moreira). “You know I'm doing physical therapy and being treated, but the doctors said I had little chance of walking again,” he reflected.

“My love, you know you can still live a good life. You become more and more independent, you work on your father's land again. But our lives will have a different life now. I'm pregnant, my love,” praised Gladys' daughter (Leona Cavalli).


After escaping from the police, Irene (Gloria Pires) appeared with a new wig and placed flowers on Daniel's (Johnny Massaro) grave. “Goodbye,” she said, who was given a second chance alongside Rodrigo Lombardi.

Kelvin and Ramiro

Kelvin even visited Ramiro in prison, where he suggested going into a “little room” to pet him a little. “You have to be strong, you have to be patient because with this awardwinning collaboration your sentence will be shorter. “You’ll get out of this prison soon,” the waiter minimized.

“But I don’t want to go out anymore, Kevinho,” said the pedestrian, which frightened his companion the most. “You are the love of my life, you are the most precious thing I have, you have taught me the most beautiful thing in this life, which is to love. This whole world out there has only taught me the bad things. “Will you marry me?” he shouted and gave another kiss like that.

They married in the chair, dressed appropriately in white. “This union proves that love should be placed above all else,” said the justice of the peace.

Annely and Luigi

After the premiere of the film “Queen Delícia”, Anely went to Italy to become a film actress alongside Luigi. However, they were deceived by an impostor, leaving one hand in front far from home and the other behind.

Other characters

After ruining his own family by spending exorbitantly on an adult website, Tadeu (Cláudio Gabriel) was arrested by Marino before the premiere of the film “Queen Delícia.” “We know that you have to pay for the crime of hiding a body,” the police chief said, referring to the businessman who helped Irene hide Sidney’s (Paulo Roque) body.

Luana (Valéria Borges) managed to prove that Cândida (Susana Vieira) had left her the legal profession as an inheritance.

Jurecê (Daniel Munduruku) was surprised to take back possession of the lands that Antônio had stolen in the past. “I always knew your hearts were good,” the shaman thanked.

A show by Michel Teló, who interestingly sings the Fuzuê theme, brought all the characters together in the final scenes.

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