Whats the joke of Boca Juniors fans dreaming of signing

What’s the joke of Boca Juniors fans dreaming of signing Hazard?

This 2022, Boca Juniors fans were left wanting a European-level move after the frustrated arrival of Edinson Cavani. At the end of the season and already with the league title, Xeneize fans got back into the fray to look for a player who could leave his current team on the next transfer market: Eden Hazard.

The Belgian footballer, currently at Real Madrid, hasn’t lived up to expectations for the multi-million dollar investment that marked his signing a few years ago and there are no few rumors to blame for his departure. In this context, his arrival in Argentina would be more than welcomed by the Auriazules fans.

But why danger? Everything would have started as a result of a hoax by users on social networks – taking as a basis various “winks” from the “Duke” to the Buenos Aires team – that grew in size until the hashtag #HazardABoca trended Argentina and went viral even a montage of the striker wearing Boca’s attire.

The edited image of Hazard wearing the Boca shirt went viral on social media. Photo: Twitter recording

Signs highlighted by Boca fans in an attempt to “confirm” the relationship between the two parties include a release by Hazard comparing a celebration of his to one by Juan Román Riquelme, as well as welcoming the Europeans to “Topo Gigio” then the gift of his t-shirt.

“Of the players I’ve never met, I would stick with Riquelme. I saw all your videos when I was younger. I would like to meet him in a field or just talk to him. That would be great!” the Real Madrid player declared years ago.

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Can Eden Hazard reach Boca?

For now, it’s all just speculation from fans in a celebratory mood. In fact, the priority of the Boca board is to renew some elements that have performed well in recent months, such as goalkeeper Agustín Rossi or Peruvian defender Carlos Zambrano.