WhatsApp finally introduces a long awaited feature for iOS users

WhatsApp finally introduces a long-awaited feature for iOS users – 01net

Your video calls will now never be interrupted again on iOS even if you exit WhatsApp. And with good reason, the instant messaging application is in the process of rolling out its picture-in-picture feature to all iPhone-equipped users. Discreetly tested in the beta version of WhatsApp on iOS since mid-December, the picture-in-picture mode now automatically activates during a video call if you need to exit the app.

No more video cuts when you leave the app

Previously, if you exited full screen mode or opened another application during a video call on an iPhone, the video would automatically pause on both your device and your contact’s. But with the release of version 23.3.77, the iOS version of WhatsApp is now supposed to display your video call in a remote window when you leave the application. You can easily reply to a message without leaving the conversation, or search for information on your device while keeping an eye on the person you are talking to.

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WhatsApp took advantage of this update and also announced that it is introducing a new option that allows you to add captions to documents you share on the app. In addition, the company is also testing on iOS the possibility for users to integrate up to a hundred images or documents at once (up from around thirty previously). A feature already available in the latest update of the application on Android.

Increasingly frequent feature updates

For several months, WhatsApp has been working hard to make its application more and more attractive by rolling out new features at a relatively steady pace. A few weeks ago, the application rolled out several new features to try and improve its status. Relatively underused by messaging users, this variant of Instagram stories now allows to define a private audience and is enriched with new interactions. The messaging application now allows the publication of voice statuses and, like on Instagram, allows you to react to the status of your contacts with an emoji. And to make sure you never miss the latest statuses uploaded to your address book by contacts, WhatsApp introduced status rings. Thanks to this, in the conversation window you can easily identify the last people who have updated their WhatsApp status, with their avatar decorated with a colored border.