1681982795 WhatsApp is inspired by Telegram to try to bring fun

WhatsApp is inspired by Telegram to try to bring fun into our conversations – Frandroid

WhatsApp is testing a new feature: animated emojis. It was recently discovered and could send itself instead of “static” emojis by default. They will be available in a later beta version of WhastApp Desktop.

WhatsApp is inspired by Telegram to try to bring funSource: Eyestetix Studio

After the cheesy avatars and emojis in response to messages, another small face comes to WhatsApp: animated emojis. At least that’s what the specialist medium WABetaInfo discovered during the development of the next beta version of WhatsApp Desktop. He notes that the feature is also in development for beta versions of the instant messaging app for Android and iOS.

Animated emojis will land in your WhatsApp conversations

Users therefore have the option of sending so-called animated emojis. For WABetaInfo this should “make measuring more fun and communicate feelings more effectively. WhatsApp goes even further as this type of emoji is sent by default when the animated version of an emoji is available.

A priori, this is only the case if the message sent consists exclusively of one (or more) emoji(s). If your message contains text, we can assume that the emoji you attach to it is static, as is the case with Telegram for example. However, it would be handy if users could disable this feature if they wish, as WABetaInfo points out.

WhatsApp is inspired by Telegram to try to bring funAnimated Emojis in WhatsApp // Source: WABetaInfo

These emojis come from the Lottie library, which is optimized for this use and allows application developers to easily create animations. Emoji files are compressed and are said to be vectorized, which means they are made up of mathematical formulas rather than pixels. In practice, this allows them to be enlarged to infinity without losing sharpness.

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