When a gas truck explodes in a devastating fire in

When a gas truck explodes in a devastating fire in Mongolia, six people die and eleven are injured The Antagonist

The capital of Mongolia, Ulan Bator, was surprised by a large gas explosion this Wednesday the 24th. The incident, documented in a video recorded by an eyewitness, shows the dramatic moment when a truck loaded with liquefied natural gas catches fire in the middle of a road and then bursts into flames.

The consequences of the incident

The explosion caused a large fire that quickly spread to buildings and homes near the scene of the accident. According to local media reports, at least six people died in the incident, including three firefighters who were battling the flames. According to Mongolian emergency authorities, at least 11 people were injured.

Firefighting and consequences

Mongolia's Emergency Management Office reported that more than 600 firefighters and 100 vehicles were mobilized to control the fire that broke out near Dunjingarav market. The fire was completely extinguished, but the effects of this incident are still being felt across the country.

The truck involved in the accident was transporting no less than 60 tonnes of liquefied natural gas at the time of the explosion, which likely added to the severity of the situation. Mongolian authorities are still investigating the case and trying to determine the circumstances that led to this tragedy.

Incident Records

For those who would like to better understand the magnitude of this incident, there is a video recorded by a witness at the scene that captures the exact moment of the explosion. The images, taken from the window of a residential building, document the surprising and frightening moment when the explosion lights up the city landscape and sends sparks flying in all directions.