When he comes back from this paredao send me to

“When he comes back from this paredão, send me to the next one.

“BBB 24”: Yasmin Brunet cries after an argument with Davi.

“BBB 24”: Yasmin Brunet cries after an argument with Davi.

Photo: Reproduction, TV Globo / Purepeople

Yasmin Brunetwho went viral for her sheer look “BBB 24”She burst into tears after playing along in a cabin David. In the early hours of this Tuesday (5), the sister who was accused of xenophobia on the Internet reflected on the game and admitted that she did not want to continue staying in the house if the Bahian was not eliminated. The model even called her brother a “psychopath” and harshly criticized Alane!

After Sincerão, which caused even more controversy in the game, Yasmin Brunet and Davi got into a heated argument. The brother called the blonde “useless” and she cursed him along the way Leidy Elin. After all the nonsense, Luiza Brunet's daughter came to talk Michel, Giovanna, Raquel and Leidy on the balcony of the most viewed house in the country.

Yasmin cries and asks to go to Paredão if Davi comes back

Through tears, the blonde explained, “Guys, I'm going to ask you a very serious favor. When he comes back from this paredão, I beg you to sign me up for the next one.” The professor denied this and indicated that they believe Davi will be eliminated on Tuesday (5). “Put myself into the next one from the bottom of my heart. I want to go. “I don’t want to stay here with him,” the blonde continued.

“If you [o público] If they don't see who he is out there, I'm no longer interested in this game. “I’ll be honest,” Brunet said with tears in her eyes. “As soon as you calm down, we’ll talk,” Michel replied.

Model calls Alane a manipulator and Davi a psychopath

Shortly afterwards Buddha entered the room. He revealed that Alane wanted to talk to him after the dynamic. “She's a manipulator…

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