When is UTC vs Deportivo Garcilaso LIVE at the start

When is UTC vs. Deportivo Garcilaso LIVE at the start of League 1 2024?

UTC vs Deportivo Garcilaso LIVE They will face each other this Friday, January 26th, from 3:00 p.m. on the first match day of the Apertura tournament League 1 2024. The game will be played at the Germán Contreras Jara Municipal Stadium (Cajabamba) and broadcast on Liga 1 Max. To make sure you don't miss this and other games of the day, follow La República Deportes' ONLINE coverage.

UTC vs Deportivo Garcilaso: Match details

BrokenUTC vs. UTC Sporty Garcilaso
When do they play?Friday, January 26th
What's the time?3 p.m
Where?Municipal Stadium Germán Contreras Jara
Which channel should you watch?League 1 max

The 2024 Peruvian football season begins with a duel between top teams. UTC will open a new home game at the start of the Apertura tournament against Deportivo Garcilaso. Gavilán, who avoided relegation last year, will look to perform better to secure a place in an international tournament.

For its part, El Pedacito de Cielo will contest its second season in the top category while trying to leave a good image in the Copa Sudamericana. In the short history of both teams there have only been two draws.

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What time is UTC vs Deportivo Garcilaso?

In Cajamarca and the rest of the Peruvian territory, the duel UTC vs. Deportivo Garcilaso can be followed from 3 p.m

Which channel broadcasts UTC vs. Deportivo Garcilaso?

The channel used to broadcast UTC vs. Deportivo Garcilaso will be Liga 1 Max, a sign that it owns the rights to most of the teams in Liga 1.

Where does UTC vs Deportivo Garcilaso come from?

The venue for this engagement will be the Germán Contreras Jara Municipal Stadium, a venue in the city of Cajabamba with a capacity for just over 6,000 spectators.

When is UTC vs Deportivo Garcilaso LIVE at the startGerman Contreras Jara Stadium. Photo: UTC

How to watch UTC vs Deportivo Garcilaso ONLINE?

If you don't want to miss UTC vs. Deportivo Garcilaso online, subscribe to the Liga 1 Play streaming service where you can access all Liga 1 Max sports content. If you can't afford this platform, find out more about the ONLINE coverage in La República Deportes.

Tickets for UTC vs Deportivo Garcilaso

These are the ticket prices for UTC vs Deportivo Garcilaso. Sales are made in person at the following authorized locations.

1706228062 252 When is UTC vs Deportivo Garcilaso LIVE at the startTickets for the game against Deportivo Garcilaso. Photo: UTC