Where bread is earned meat is not eaten Pabllo Vittar

“Where bread is earned, meat is not eaten”; Pabllo Vittar is open about sexual preferences and…

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Pabllo Vittar was the last guest on Rafa Uccman and Lucas Guedez’s PocCast podcast

Pabllo Vittar was interviewed on PocCast© Playback/Youtube/PocCastPabllo Vittar was interviewed on PocCast

Pablo Vittar has established herself as one of the most successful drag queens in the country and the singer is in high demand for podcast interviews. When he last attended the PocCastpresented by Rafa Uccman It is Lucas Gudesthe artist was open about her sexual preferences.

When asked if she has sex dressed as a drag queen, Pablo Vittar She was genuine and made it clear that she would not get under the covers. In the interview, Descontrolada’s voice explained that she likes to keep the two sides of her life separate.

> Pabllo said he didn’t have sex in drag (Picture: Reproduction/Instagram/@pabllovittar)

“Never, never. Where bread is baked, meat is not eaten. Pablobecause Pabllo doesn’t exist, you can see that, she’s changeable,” the singer began. “I come to the hotel, she disappears because I take off the wig, I take the makeup off, only the horse remains. If you wanna stick with it Horse, Cool. If you don’t want to pay my ticket show“, he said.

Finally, Vittar emphasized that she likes clean, scented and disinfected people, just like her. “[Gosto de] Sex that smells like soap. pig sex, I’m out. I like a soap in the Neca [pênis], I like everything that smells and is clean. Also because I stink a lot”.

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