I owe my career to Andy Reid Contrite Travis Kelce

Where would the Canadian be if he had treated Patrick Roy like Travis Kelce?

The screaming match Travis Kelce gave his coach Andy Reid at the Super Bowl stimulates the imagination. Kelce's behavior is being condemned from all sides in the media and social networks. These reactions are paradoxical in a society where the concept of respect takes its toll.

Ultimately it is a question of perception. Those who believe Kelce did the right thing by telling Reid he wasn't used enough praise his strength of character and hunger to win. Those who think the Chiefs tight end made an inappropriate gesture and acted like a spoiled child think he's a bum!

Nearly 30 years ago, the Quebec crowd was unanimously behind Patrick Roy as the fiery goaltender glared at Mario Tremblay after leaving nine goals in front of the net in an 11-1 loss to the Detroit Wings Reds.

It was a battle between an inexperienced coach who wanted to replace a player who was taking up too much space for his liking.

This time bomb should have been defused before it exploded.

It goes “Boom!” in full view of the packed hall that filled the Forum and the hundreds of thousands of spectators who witnessed Roy-Tremblay face to face at La Soirée du Hockey.

Canadian management sent their goalkeeper into exile in Colorado. Like Joe Branch in The Beautiful Stories of the Countries Above.

Roy regretted it. He was ready to continue his adventure in Montreal.

However, together with Ronald Corey, Réjean Houle came to the conclusion that it was time for the organization to part ways with Roy, which, let us recall, his predecessor Serge Savard was preparing after his dismissal.

And if he had stayed…

For many, this episode led the Canadian to where he is today, an organization looking to rebuild its credibility.

What would have happened if management had given up instead?

Would the Canadian have sunk so low?

Furthermore, does this explain why the organization never offered Roy the position of general manager or head coach?

The questions are hypothetical, but they will always be on the minds of those who lived through this dark chapter in Canadiens history.

It's like the departure of Guy Lafleur.

Fiery trainers

The same goes for coaches who want to upset their players. We will always remember the images of the wide-eyed, clenched-jaw wide-eyed Pierre Pagé making his formal exit to Mats Sundin on the night of the final playoff game between the Nordiques and Canadiens in 1993.

We remember the soap that John Tortorella gave Pierre-Luc Dubois when both were on the Columbus Blue Jackets.

In baseball, not-so-young people remember that Billy Martin, who caught fire at the slightest spark, tried to physically attack Reggie Jackson during a Yankees game in Boston in 1977. Martin had criticized Jackson for making no effort to intercept a ball hit in his direction toward right field at Fenway Park.

Elston Howard, the first black man to play for the Yankees and become the team's assistant coach, intervened to prevent Martin from punching Jackson in the face. This incident did not stop the Yankees from going to the World Series and winning their first championship in 13 years.

But what if the Americans had collapsed?

Case closed?

We'd be asking the same question if the Chiefs had lost to the Forty Niners. Because after the incident in which Kelce also pushed Reid, there was unrest within the squad, and we must not forget that.

Taylor Swift's boyfriend attacked a 65-year-old man, 30 years her senior, whose abilities are recognized by everyone.

Luckily for the Chiefs, big-time man Patrick Mahomes took matters into his own hands in the second half. Otherwise the Chiefs would not have made it out of this Super Bowl alive.

Today at the Chiefs we're talking about it like it's a closed case. Kelce admitted his guilt and Reid gave him absolution. He probably told him not to do it again.

However, it doesn't mean this story is over. On the contrary, there is a risk that it will persist for a long time.

Will Kelce's teammates still want him next season?

I'd like to have a drink with them in a Kansas City cage.