Which city in the United States declared itself quotAnti immigrantsquot and

Which city in the United States declared itself? "Anti-immigrants" and because?

It is a fact that there is currently a large migration flow in the region USA. This is a topic of discussion in many households, especially during election times like 2024. But in the last week, one decision has garnered national and international attention. Monument, Coloradorecently declared itself a “non-refuge city.” People with a migration background.

The measure passed unanimously Monument City Council, based on concern for resources and local security. However, this position has sparked a wide debate about human rights, security and national identity.

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Which city in the United States has described itself as “anti-immigrant”?

Is about Monument, Colorado, a small town that had previously gone unnoticed on the national stage. This jurisdiction has taken a strong stance in opposing safeguards that protect people who choose to migrate.

At its meeting on February 20, the Monument Council unanimously approved designating the city as a “non-sanctuary.”

Which city in the United States declared itself quotAnti immigrantsquot and The disproportionate increase in illegal immigrants in the United States has raised concerns at Monument. Photo: The Herald

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Why won't the city of Monument accept more migrants?

Monument authorities based their decision on concerns about the cost and safety of housing migrants. They argue that this measure is necessary to protect the resources and safety of their citizens.

“The goal is to make sure it is known that we will not accept buses full of immigrants into our community. The main reason is that we don’t have a budget and we’re not going to use taxpayer money,” county Mayor Mitch LaKind said in an interview .

He also announced that Monument would not accept migrants, emphasizing that those whose stay in Denver had expired would not be welcomed in the city. It was also stated that both the city administration and the police forces will coordinate to intervene, arrest the said people and relocate them to different locations.

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What other cities are considered non-sanctuaries?

Monument is not the only one. Other cities in USA They have also adopted similar policies. This reflects a divided national panorama regarding the management of migration.

Texas and Florida, for example, are implementing policies that include sending buses and planes loaded with citizens to states that are considered sanctuaries, such as the United States Colorado, Illinois, New York and Massachusetts.

A Response to Migration in the United States

The measure arises as a reaction to the critical situation Mile High City, also located in Colorado, about 65 kilometers away. After this city was declared a refuge for migrants, both financial and humanitarian problems arise.

Against this backdrop, Mayor Mike Johnston has issued a warning of an impending critical juncture. In press releases, he emphasized the urgent need for federal support to overcome this situation. He also stressed the importance of granting migrants work permits to ensure better protection and promote the region's economic growth. In this context, he urged that the processing of asylum applications be accelerated.