1709626341 Which city was named the best destination in Colombia by

Which city was named the best destination in Colombia by a major tourism organization?

Which city was named the best destination in Colombia by

The EVM Awards, an award from the important Mexican tourism organization PriceTravel Holding, recognized the best travel destination in Colombia. Despite competing with Bogotá and Cartagena, Medellín was the city that received this award. For these reasons, the City of Eternal Spring was chosen.

PriceTravel Holding has 24 years of experience in international tourism promotion with a particular focus on Latin America. At the fourth edition of the EVM Awards they sponsored, Medellín was recognized as the best tourist destination in Colombia. “We are pleased to recognize Medellín as our most important ally as a destination that attracts more routes, more sales, more hotels and more experiences,” said Juan Diego Zapata, CEO of the company, during the awards ceremony.

The City of Flowers, as it is also called, has 121 tourist attractions, of which the Mayor's Office of Medellín has highlighted the destinations Comuna 13, Parque Arví, the Botanical Garden, Parque Explora and Parque Norte.

In this regard, Juliana Cardona, Tourism Secretary of the Mayor's Office, highlighted the impact of this award on national tourism. “These awards show that they believe in Medellín as a resilient and innovative destination. We face the enormous challenge of transforming and inspiring other destinations in Colombia. This award fills us with responsibility. We are an open-door district that wants to keep going.” “We welcome tourists who add value to the community in which they arrive,” he explained.

In addition, the city authorities officially presented Medellín's candidacy as a national tourist destination invited to the 44th edition of the Tourist Showcase 2025 to the Executive President of the Colombian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (ANATO).

“In Medellín we are working to promote and decentralize tourism; This will allow us to share all the incredible experiences we have to offer, boost the areas' economies and open up new commercial opportunities that will benefit our residents and consolidate the tourism industry. For this reason, we would like to nominate Medellín as a national guest destination in 2025,” Medellín Mayor Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga said in a letter.

Why is Medellin famous?

The city of Medellín has its tourist attraction thanks to its constant commercial, gastronomic, banking, cultural and tourist activities.

Why is Medellín called the City of Eternal Spring?

Medellín's climate in the valley has a thermal feeling that ranges between 23°C and 27°C, creating a sunny, illuminated and comfortable environment for human health. The city is rich in vegetation and flowers. Precisely for this reason, planting flowers in the city of Santa Elena is one of the activities that stimulate visitors who want to understand the nickname of the Antioquia district.

How much is the entrance to Pueblito Paisa?

El Pueblito Paisa is a replica of a traditional Antioquian town and one of the most visited tourist spots in Medellín. Entry to this attraction is free and is open daily from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m