1708871252 Which dog breeds live the longest Science already has the

Which dog breeds live the longest? Science already has the answer

New research published in Scientific Reports offers interesting insights into the factors that determine plant longevity dogs.

According to the study, a detailed report was prepared taking into account factors such as race, gender, height and facial shape Life expectancy of these animals.

The results suggest that small dogs with long snouts tend to live longer, while larger dogs with flat noses live shorter lives.

These promising findings can help pet owners, animal shelters, dog breeders and policymakers take more effective measures to ensure the wellbeing of these loyal companions.

Which dog breeds live the longest Science already has the

Study suggests a dog's appearance determines longevity Image: Reproduction

What affects the life expectancy of dogs?

The average life expectancy of dogs varies between 10 and 13.7 years and is influenced by a number of factors, similar to dogs. People.

These factors include everything from genetics to lifestyle, and now it has recently been discovered that size also plays an important role in this aspect.

To explore these features on a large scale and identify possible patterns, scientists conducted extensive research.

They collected new data from BreedsVeterinarians, pet insurers, charities and universities.

The dataset consisted of information on 584,000 dogs in the UK, half of which had already died. The sample included both purebred and mixedbreed dogs.

The average life expectancy of all dogs analyzed was 12.5 years. Regarding the size and shape of the face, it has been observed that smaller dogs with long noses tend to have a longer life expectancy.

Researchers have pointed out that snubnosed or brachycephalic dogs face a number of known health problems, including difficulty breathing and heat intolerance.

There was a small difference between the genders, with female live slightly longer than men, with an average life expectancy of 12.7 years for women and 12.4 years for men.