While passing through Alberta the controversial Tucker Carlson invites Canadians

While passing through Alberta, the controversial Tucker Carlson invites Canadians to “free themselves” from their undemocratic regime – .

The death of the controversial Tucker Carlson in Alberta sparked strong reactions elsewhere in Canada.

The former Fox News star host, known for his positions on abortion and guns, claimed Canadians live in an undemocratic regime and urged them to “liberate themselves.”

“You have to recognize what is happening to you. This is not a political debate to which you are invited. It is the destruction of you, your culture, your faith, your children and the future of your country,” he said.

This speech was criticized by political analyst Emmanuelle Latraverse.

“It's an example of his verbal swelling, of his nativist delusions, because all of this is about the level of immigration to Canada,” she claims.

However, the latter said she was surprised by the speed with which Justin Trudeau's entourage linked such a speech to Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre.

“I would have a warning to the Liberals in Ottawa: they must not make the same mistake as the Democrats in the United States who faced Donald Trump in 2016. By always jumping on the slightest controversy and demonizing the other, we tend to add fuel to the fire and the reality is that there are still 30% of people in Canada who support Donald Trump and therefore probably with the delusions by Tucker Carlson,” explains Emmanuelle Latraverse.

For their part, Mario Dumont and Paul Larocque mocked Tucker Carlson's comments.

“He says that English speakers were driven out of Montreal by Bill 101 […] “He’s not really aware of the facts either,” claims Mario Dumont.

“If Mr. Carlson had taken two seconds to educate himself a little and if he wanted to talk about cleaning, he should have been interested in the French speakers outside of Quebec, who don't have a hundredth of what the English speakers in Quebec still have.” “in Montreal,” mentions Paul Larocque.

To see the full exchange, watch the video above.