1708976368 Whistles and insults everything happens

Whistles and insults, everything happens

Whistles and insults everything happens

A memorable event, the first of three CCCP concerts in Berlin, where it all began with the meeting between Giovanni Lindo Ferretti and Massimo Zamboni in 1982. A partnership in which one of the most important punk bands on the Italian scene was born. Audience on special occasions in the Astra Kulturhaus with at least 1,500 people who followed “Cccp in Dddr”, including many Italians.

Scanzi, the attack on Meloni crashes into the data.  Did the Italians not understand that?

The audience loved Lindo Ferretti and his friends, not to mention Andrea Scanzi. The Fatto Daily journalist was greeted by a forest of whistles and insults when he appeared on stage to recite a monologue praising the Emilian band. In the videos that immortalize the scene, spectators in the front rows can be seen giving the middle finger and loud “boos” can be heard directed at the journalist who reposts the images and addresses himself “Punks, Novaxes and purists” of this kind who are randomly protesting in Berlin.” He then comments: “I carry on as if nothing had happened. Ferretti and I kneel down. The demonstrators lose their mug like so many sheep. My kiss to the protesters before they leave. Giovanni says perfect things. And then the explosion of.” Emilia Paranoid. We are beyond any legend. What a wonderful moment. Who the hell would have told me that I would have had the punkiest moment of all at CCCP’s first concert in Berlin in almost 40 years!”