Who are we expecting at the NEXT Summit NYC

Who are we expecting at the NEXT Summit NYC – SOCIT – EstriePlus.com | Web News Journal | Sherbrooke

The NEXT Summit New York, launched in 2016, brings together the large number of players in the iGaming industry. This year it will take place in Manhattan from March 5th to 7th. It concentrates the most influential companies in the industry, with no less than 300 gaming companies (sports betting and online casino), around a hundred start-ups, as well as a multitude of personalities who are changing the field day after day.

Fans of online casinos for French players know this well: it is important that the industry comes together to define the goals and challenges for this year 2024, a year dedicated to community gambling but also to the support responsibility for the mental (and financial) health of players. Let's take a look at the key players who will be present during the event, as well as the projects they will present on site.

Players in the iGaming market

The North American iGaming market is in excellent health and is experiencing steady revenue growth. These include the companies 1710 Gaming and Bally's Interactive, which have been an important player in the industry for many years. Evolution, the leader in live casino games, will also be in attendance. The other names inevitably remind you of something like Play'n'GO, Playtech or High 5 Games.

players in the sports world

Since the relaxation of sports betting laws in many states across the country, it can be said that sports betting operators have gigantic market opportunities ahead of them. The big names in US sports include ESPN, Major League Soccer, the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League, Quebec's premier sport. These sports companies know that their interest is to go hand in hand with the new US sports betting giants such as DraftKings, FanDuel or even Partake Sports.

Among the disruptive elements of this billion-dollar market, the presence of WeTheBookie stands out. Think about it, this sportsbook is offering to put 50% of its revenue into a shared fund. The goal ? Compensate lost customers with compensation called WeShares, which will be refunded to them every month in the event of a negative balance. An innovative concept that this young company is surfing on and surprising the competition.

As we know, America's love affair with fantasy football is a passion that has burned for many decades. Players in this space such as Fantasy Life, FantasySpin or Payday Fantasy will be present on the website to communicate their goals for 2024. The industry trend has remained the same since the concept was created: give the consumer the opportunity to play with friends online. vibrant before the games of various sports with a fantasy league.

Financial actors

Since the iGaming industry is a fantastic breeding ground for investment, it's normal to see big names from the financial industry get involved! These include the investment funds Blackstone, Morgan Stanley, Citizens Bank and Nordstern Capital. We can also already count on renowned law firms (Mcdonald Carano) that represent the legal aspect of the industry.

Payment solutions are the lifeblood of online casinos and sports betting sites. We rely on Neosurf Inc or Signature Payments to keep us updated on the latest developments in the industry with the aim of making it ever easier for players to access fast, efficient and secure payment solutions.

A company like Pavilion Payments specializes in gambling payments in the US market. She will be present to explain how she positions herself in a highly competitive market and her strategy for faster and more reliable payments.


What would an iGaming industry summit be without a wide range of conferences on key topics such as responsible gaming or the primacy of artificial intelligence in gaming? The first conference begins with a bang with a debate between Rob Heller (CEO of Spectrum Gaming) and Martin Blond, Director at EPIC.

On March 5th we will be attending a conference on the proven connection between mental health and gambling addiction. To discuss this serious topic, we will welcome Caroline Ponseti and Daniel Umfleet, both consultants from major American strategy and analyst agencies.

Is it impossible to imagine a conference in 2024 without dealing in detail with the future of AI? How can this tool definitely be integrated into a marketing approach and, above all, how can myths be distinguished from reality?

NEXT Summit NYC offers many more topics to ponder, such as the expansion of the iGaming sector in America and all the legal implications of this national craze. Looking ahead, join us for an exciting conference on industry forecasts for 2025. There is no one better than Adam Greenblatt, head of the BetMGM platform, who provides the “roadmap” for the coming years.