Who died in episode 17 of The Walking Dead season

Who died in episode 17 of The Walking Dead season 11? P. Nerd

Her favorite character is from episode 17, “Lockdown”, the 11th season of the Walking Dead, with life? Check out the body count here!

This week’s episode showed the confrontation between Daryl (Norman Reedus) negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), maggie (Lauren Cohan) and others against throw (Josh Hamilton) and Commonwealth soldiers on the move.

Meanwhile in the Commonwealth, Pamela Milton (Laila Robins) faces a revolt from citizens who expect something to be done Sebastian (Teo RappOlson) for the crimes he committed.

Adding to all these problems, a gigantic horde of strays is approaching the Commonwealth.

So not everyone made it out of lockdown alive. So we’ve listed below all the characters that died in this week’s episode.

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Here’s who died in Episode 17 of The Walking Dead:

2 unknown Commonwealth soldiers (by Negan)
3 unknown Commonwealth soldiers (by Daryl)
1 Unidentified Commonwealth Soldier (by Maggie)
1 Unidentified Commonwealth Soldier (per Walker Horde)

Negan follows Daryl’s plan disguised as a stray and manages to kill two Commonwealth soldiers on the street.

Lance follows him in search of Daryl and finds the soldiers who were killed by Negan. The villain is surprised by Dixon, who uses all his skill and manages to shoot and kill three more Commonwealth soldiers.

While Daryl and Negan deal with Lance, Maggie and Annie corner another unknown soldier trying to contact their allies. Maggie then stabs him, eliminating another member of the enemy team.

Mercer summons Rosita and other soldiers to deal with the horde of strays approaching the Commonwealth. One of the soldiers is unable to escape and is devoured by several strays as Mercer tries to save him.