Who does Damiao live with in Renascer Matador is divided

Who does Damião live with in Renascer? Matador is divided between Ritinha and Eliana · TV

In Renascer, Damião (shaman) becomes increasingly enchanted by Ritinha (Mell Muzzillo). Out of love, he even gives up trying to kill José Inocêncio (Marcos Palmeira) and decides to change the direction of his life becoming one of the cocoa producer's most loyal employees. But the arrival of Eliana (Sophie Charlotte) on the farm will spark a difficult love triangle in Globo's nine o'clock soap opera.

In Monday's chapter (26), the tyrant will make his interest in Inácia's daughter (Edvana Carvalho) clear. “I am like a prospector who suddenly discovers gold. And fills his hands with this wealth… The guy believes that's where happiness lives, and before he knows it, it slips through his fingers,” he will explain. .

The young woman pretends not to understand: “Mór, what are you talking about?” “But I found it on my way… And it was like I crossed the river of life, wasn't it? And found the most valuable stone in front of me… The rarest and most beautiful thing I have.” “I saw something in this world,” the boy will say.

“I have never seen or felt anything more precious in my life. I've seen people kill and die for much less money. If you want, you can change my fate… and that of many people,” he adds. “I don't want to change anyone's fate… I'm just worried about my fate,” the Marrenta will reply. “Well, I think our fate is set. And you will still understand what I want to say,” he concludes.

The two will kiss on another date and Ritinha will tell Morena (Ana Cecília Costa) about her feelings. “I've never felt like this before… I've been kissed before, but my body has never shaken,” the girl will say.

“This trembling, this heat, that’s called Paxão,” the exprostitute will warn. “So how do you stop feeling like that?” she will ask. “We can't control it, we learn to live. That's why I'm afraid that you know our bodies, our limits, our will. And most importantly: what we want and what we don't want you to do!”, he will explain to the housewife.

What happens to Damiao?

The gunslinger even gets distracted by Ritinha's charms, but soon remembers why he is on the protagonist's farm. But the boy is finally exposed by Inácia, who prepares a special herbal tea for the employee.

As soon as he drinks the drink, Damião falls into a trance and confesses his plan to kill José Inocêncio without revealing the name of the person responsible. Regretful, he asks Ritinha for help to become a better person.

José Inocêncio will express his trust in the stranger and allow him to continue the work on his properties. He will also ask Chico (Mac Suara) not to take any action against the shooter.

Damiao's final in 1993

The murderer played by Jackson Antunes in the first version of the soap opera also gave up the murder of José Inocêncio (Antonio Fagundes) and started working hard for the cocoa producer.

The boy married Ritinha (Isabel Fillardis), but had a torrid affair with Eliana (Patricia Pillar) who in turn began a romance with Teodoro (Herson Capri).

Cynically, the Dondoca even demanded that her lover choose between her and his wife but he went back and forth with both. After discovering her husband's infidelity, Ritinha rejected him and ended the marriage. The girl then turned to José Bento (Tarcísio Filho).

After the murder of Teodoro, in the final chapters, Eliana promised to reunite with Damião after the birth of her child.

Renascer was written and created by author Benedito Ruy Barbosa. The first version was broadcast on Globo in 1993. Bruno Luperi is the writer's grandson and is responsible for the adaptation of the rural saga, which premiered in prime time in January. The remake is set to be replaced by a new storyline by João Emanuel Carneiro in September.

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