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"who found us"; Ana Hickmann takes surprising action when she rescues a lost dog on the street


Ana Hickmann made the decision to adopt the dog she rescued on the street; Moderator showed animal care in the video on YouTube

Ana Hickmann and her son Alezinho, 8 years old© Playback / YouTube: Canal Ana HickmannAna Hickmann and her son Alezinho, 8 years old

Ana Hickmann surprised her followers on social media as he showed the rescue of a puppy lost on a road this week. This Thursday (16), the RecordTV presenter confirmed that she adopted the animal.

In a video posted to his YouTube account, Ana said that she was moved by the dog’s plight and took him to a veterinary clinic. There he received help and a name: Joaquim. The decision to adopt was only made after a conversation with her husband and son.

> Ana Hickmann Photo: Instagram @anahickmann

“When Mama saw Joaquim from afar, she just wanted to help him. But then dad and I talked about it a lot and we came to the conclusion that we didn’t find Joaquim, he found us and decided to stay with our family.” a conversation with her 8yearold son.

Anna told it too who had already rescued the found animals, but never published. “When I do this, I’m not thinking about registration, I’m thinking about getting the pet off the street in this difficult situation,” he commented.

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