Who is Adriel Trelles the gem that Universitario acquired from

Who is Adriel Trelles, the “gem” that Universitario acquired from Sporting Cristal?

Universitario aims to win in the various categories in its 100th anniversary year. For this reason, the student team strengthens not only the first team, but also the lower divisions. They added exactly for this season Adriel Trellesyoung player who became champion with Sporting Cristal in 2023.

Adriel Trelles, Universitario's reinforcement, arrives as champion from Sporting Cristal

Sporty Cristal was crowned winner of the 2023 promotion and reserve tournament after defeating Universitario in the final. Jorge Araujo's team had a good season, but the Rimense team led by Jorge Cazulo showed its superiority.

Adriel Trelles was born in Lambayeque.  Photo: Instagram/Adriel Trelles

Adriel Trelles was born in Lambayeque. Photo: Instagram/Adriel Trelles

For this reason, they have decided to strengthen themselves in the best possible way this year. One of the additions that caught our attention was Adriel Trelles, mixed midfielder of the 2004 category, who already trains with a merengue jersey.

Who is Adriel Trelles, the new addition to Universitario's lower categories?

Adriel Trelles was born in Lambayeque but began his career in Talara. After his good performances he was captured by Atlético Grau. He showed great performances during his stay at Piura Heritage and ended up at Sporting Cristal.

He established himself as a regular player in the Rimense team and won the reserve tournament trophy last season. He was also called up to the Peru national team and took part in the South American U-15 Championship.