Who is Marianinha in Renascer Understand what happened to Maria

Who is Marianinha in Renascer? Understand what happened to Maria Santa's sister TV

Maria Santa (Duda Santos) will repeat her sister's sad fate in Renascer. Venâncio (Fabio Lago) will abandon his daughter in the brothel after believing she is pregnant, just as he did with Marianinha. The difference, however, is that the firstborn became pregnant after being raped by her own father. The truth will unexpectedly emerge in Globo's nine o'clock soap opera.

The series has already shown that Bellarmine's foreman (Antonio Calloni) is incredibly jealous of his daughter because she wants her. In this Wednesday's Chapter (24), the villain will observe the young woman's thighs as she collects clothes on the line.

“How beautiful she is! It is a complete sin to talk… But this devil is even more beautiful than the other!” he will say. “And it's my love, shame! This can’t happen to me again!” he will blame himself.

The public then receives further information in a conversation between Nena (Quitéria Kelly) and Quitéria (Belize Pombal). The maid will comment that her husband is more jealous of Santinha than Marianinha.

Suspicious, the housewife will ask the employee to keep her daughter away from Venâncio. “We have to teach these things. We have to tell her that no one is allowed to touch her body. That no one can touch her intimacy… Not even her own father! He will lead them.”

Quitéria will even try to broach the subject with her youngest daughter, but will stop there. To make matters worse, Santinha has already kissed José Inocêncio (Humberto Carrão). She will innocently believe that she has become pregnant by the little colonel and will lose her appetite. The girl's lack of hunger will alarm her mother.

“Aren’t you dizzy? Not even the pressure? “Not even the desire to throw my mouth out?” the worker will ask. “What do you think your sister was like before?” By God… This misfortune cannot happen to me again! “That can’t be done!” Quitéria will fear.

The country woman will wonder if Santinha has been with any man. “What man, ma’am?” What are you talking about?” the girl panics, afraid that her mother has found out about her meeting with José Inocêncio.

But Quitéria will be direct: “Your father… I'm talking about him! Did he tease you? Has he never teased you? I've never touched a single finger, that bastard? I didn't even spy on him in the shower!” The mother's desperation may be another indication that Venâncio was responsible for the misfortune with Marianinha.

Quitéria reveals the truth about Marianinha

In Friday chapter (26), chaos breaks out in the family home when Maria Santa mistakenly tells her father that she is pregnant. Venâncio will be angry at the disgrace of his youngest daughter and will decide to go with Quitéria, leaving the young woman at the door of Jacutinga's (Juliana Paes) house.

Along the way, Quitéria will suffer the loss of another daughter and explode with anger. “I know it was you! It was you, Venâncio… You are the one who disgraced our family. You are the one who disgraced my life. Our family,” he will accuse. “I’ll never read Maria Santa again!” the local will reply.

“It's not from Santinha… It's from before! You are a disgrace, Marianinha. And I'll send my sister running away from home… Like a bitch,” the woman will scream.

Marianinha left the house every day, but you… And you came home… She didn't meet anyone on the way! No one! It went from home to the boss's house and from there to the house. And there was no one at home… Because I was there more often than she was! The whole time!

“You don’t know what you’re saying…” the foreman will complain. “I know! Deep down inside I always go up… But I never had the courage to admit it and my grandpa, you know, will never forgive me for that! I thought I was doing it to protect our family, but it was just like that. I closed my eyes to the truth and did it very quietly. Out of my nose!” he will shoot.

Marianinha in the first version of Renascer

In the 1993 soap opera, Marianinha's fate was revealed by Rachid (Luiz Carlos Arutin) played by Gabriel Sater and Almir Sater in the remake. After 30 years, the peddler returned to Ilhéus and met José Inocêncio (Antonio Fagundes) again to deliver a letter to Santinha (Patrícia França) without knowing that the protagonist had also died.

Marianinha's scenes were not shown in the original version. The public only found out what had happened through Rachid's report.

After sewing the skin of José Inocêncio (Leonardo Vieira in the first phase), the Lebanese found the girl pregnant and aimless in the forest. The boy welcomed her, invited her to leave the region with him and even raised the child. They married and had five more children.

Shortly before death, Marianinha wrote a letter to her sister in which she revealed who she became pregnant with when she was thrown out of the house. Although everyone believed that Belarmino (José Wilker) would be the baby's father, the young woman explained that she was raped by Venâncio (Cacá Carvalho). To hide this secret, the foreman decided to abandon his firstborn.

Renascer was written by Bruno Luperi and is an adaptation of the 1993 work by Benedito Ruy Barbosa. As with Pantanal (2022), the author intends to follow his grandfather's original plot and make few changes to the story.

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