Who is Tannya Varela the godmother the police officer who

Who is Tannya Varela, the “godmother,” the police officer who protected drug traffickers in Ecuador?

Who is Tannya Varela the godmother the police officer who

The examinations carried out by the deceased Fernando Villavicencio revealed the involvement of senior police officials, such as the former officer Tanya Varelaalias the godmother”, with the Albanian mafia and key figures in Ecuador. In his investigation, he revealed how the criminal network operated in Guayaquil and smuggled drugs abroad with the support of high-ranking officials.

Tanya is accused of protecting and facilitating the operations of powerful drug trafficking networks, including the feared Albanian mafia and local criminal groups, such as those of “Fito” and “Samir”. This scandal has exposed the extent of corruption in Ecuador and sparked a public debate about the effectiveness of anti-drug trafficking measures and the integrity of its institutions.

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Who is Tannya Valera?

Tanya Varela is a former Ecuador National Police officer who played a key role in drug trafficking operations. During his career, he became commander general of the National Police during the presidencies of Lenín Moreno and Guillermo Lasso.

His name came to light as part of the investigation he conducted Fernando Villavicencio, which uncovered a criminal network involved in drug trafficking and corruption at high levels of the state and security forces. Likewise, he would have deployed trusted police personnel in key positions to facilitate drug trafficking.

What connection do you have to the Albanian mafia and local gangs?

The Albanian mafia and local gangs reportedly operated with impunity in Guayaquil, Ecuador, using the port for international drug trafficking. Likewise, the investigation suggests that Varela facilitated these operations, which threatened national security and compromised the fight against drug trafficking.

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What impact do the revelations of the Villavicencio investigation have on Colombia?

The 2022 leak of confidential information sparked a nationwide scandal involving figures such as Danilo Carrera, brother-in-law of former President Guillermo Lasso, and exposed an investigation dropped by prosecutors. Operation Pampa, launched in collaboration between Ecuador and Spain, confirmed the alliance between local criminal elements and the Albanian mafia and highlighted the connection between Rubén Cherres, murdered in 2023, and Dritan Gjika, the leader of the Albanian mafia.

What is the connection between police corruption and some Colombian companies?

The León de Troya report, orchestrated by Villavicencio, exposed the business network used for drug trafficking, involving companies such as Agricomtrade and Cannmaná. In addition, he emphasized the role of the “godmother”, Tannya Varelain protecting these networks.

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Who is he and what happened to Fernando Villavicencio?

Fernando Villavicencio He was an Ecuadorian journalist, member of parliament and leader of the Parliamentary Anti-Corruption Front. He was murdered on August 9, 2023 by hitmen allegedly belonging to the gang. The Wolves. His assassination caused consternation at both national and international levels, as it occurred in the first round of early elections in which he sought the presidency of the country with the support of the Construye movement.

Despite Villavicencio's assassination in 2023, his investigations have left an indelible mark in the fight against corruption in 2023 Ecuador. The disclosure of the business activities of Drug trafficking and the involvement of characters like the godmother” They have fueled calls for reform and transparency.