Who is the wife of journalist Mario Giordano Youve probably

Who is the wife of journalist Mario Giordano? You’ve probably already seen it MovieTele.it

You know the conductor Mario Giordano He is married? His wife’s face, Paola Maravallemaybe you will already seen in some magazine. This is who the lady is and what she does in life.

Who is Mario Giordano’s wife?

The host of Network 4 He is known for his great screaming ability. In fact, very often, e.g Giving injustice a voice, the journalist practically shouts. Even those who have been following him for years are unaware of this Mario is married: His wife’s name is Paola Maravalle and be Piedmontese. The woman, class ’60is his wife of many years 32 years old.

Despite her husband’s fame Paola He decided to live in it Make sure there is sufficient distance from the headlights. In fact, her job is very different from her husband’s: she’s good at it Organizer of weddings and events of various kinds. Mario and Paola met then very young in the distance 1981in the oratorio of Canelliin the province Asti.

Those two have only three years differenceSo they are almost the same age. But before love came, they were together for a long time Friends. The engagement soon led her to the altar: in 1991 The two got married and started thinking about getting started Family. The couple had actually done it four childrenthree females and one male.

The oldest daughter, Alicearrived in 1993; Lorenzohowever, arrived 1995. Then they are there Camilla And Will be that I was born in each case 2003 It’s in the 2005.

Mario and Paola, husband and wife for many years

In order to raise her offspring as well as possible, Paola unfortunately had to take part almost forced to give up work for many years and dedicate myself entirely to him, body and soul role of the mother. In fact, she began her career as an event and wedding planner much later than her colleagues. Mario revealed that Paola sacrificed everything for her children and only started working after I 50 years. Unfortunately, as we learned, one of the children had children in his teens problems. Therefore, the woman had to put her dreams aside. Maravalle is definitely one as a person too very discreet.

However, she really enjoys her job as an event planner Beauty in all its forms and she is very creative. Often she was the one who threw surprise parties for friends and relatives who made it possible for her to become better and better enough in the industry to consider making one Profession.

However, her work involved interacting with people very far from his idea of ​​elegance. Once Paola actually quit work for a couple who wanted a stylish wedding Gomorrah. This is certainly a more than understandable waiver: tastes are tastes, but too much is too much!