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“Who raised me was my grandmother”; Jojo Todynho rejects the relationship with his mother and asks that a woman’s name be…


Singer revealed the decision was not her creation

Jojo Todynho rejects the relationship with the mother and removes the relatives' names© Images 1 & 2 Playback: Instagram/Jojo TodynhoJojo Todynho rejects the relationship with the mother and removes the relatives’ names

The singer jojo todynho announced on his social media last week that he had filed an official request to have his mother’s name removed from his birth certificate. Always open on the subject, the celebrity made it clear that she is not close to the woman.

In an outburst, Jojo first sent a message to her mom: “I wanted to leave a message here for a fan of mine who insists on saying she loves me. This is how it works,” he snapped.

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Disclosing the application entry, the funk artist revealed the main reason behind the decision: “Because my grandmother raised me, she raised me, gave me love, support, affection, everyone knows the love and affection I have for my grandmother. .. not just for her, but for my family,” he said.

Finally, Jojo clarified that she will try everything for her fortune not to stay with her mother in case something happens: “I tried to play my role as a daughter, but it didn’t work and everything is fine. I don’t miss what has never brought me anything and that’s why I made this very difficult decision. There will be a trial, all sweet… And I really want to be a mother because if I don’t leave an heir, this lady can take care of everything for me. You can’t let that go.”