Who was Grandpa and what connection did Evelyn Salgados ex father in law

Who was “Grandpa” and what connection did Evelyn Salgado’s ex-father-in-law have to the drug trade?

last Saturday Joaquín Alonso Piedra, who was known as “Grandpa.” In the world of crime, he lost his life after being intercepted by hitmen when he arrived at his home in the Joyas de Brisamar district warrior, with his family. The death of his ex-father-in-law Evelyn Salgado has attracted the attention of society and in this note we tell you who he was and what connections he had the Beltrán-Leyva cartel and why his murder occurred.

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Who was Joaquín Alonso Piedra, “Grandpa”?

The ex-father-in-law of Evelyn Salgado managed the appearance of a wealthy merchant in the area Acapulco; However, various investigations by the authorities and the various police forces of the city revealed that this criminal was living a ostentatious life due to his exclusive criminal ties.

What connection did “Abuelón” have with the Beltrán-Leyva cartel?

Based on the data and information managed on Joaquín Alonso Piedra, in 2016 he was accused of being responsible for drug marketing for the US criminal organization Beltran Leyva familyin different areas of the port Acapulco. The federal police's investigation department arrested him in one of his lathe workshops, which is why he was also known as “Lord of the Iron”.

Due to this incident, law enforcement sentenced “Grandpa” to prison, for which he was kept in prison Federal Center for Social Rehabilitation (Cefereso) No. 17 for crimes against health, bargaining with resources of illegal origin and illegal possession of weapons of military origin. Although he was arrested several years ago, there is no information about the date of his release.

How did “Grandpa” get into politics and what did he do?

Although Joaquín Alonso Piedra was the father-in-law of Evelyn Salgado, current governor of the state of Guerrero, a connection between the two cannot be confirmed during and after their familial relationship. However, it is suspected that he was associated as a militant with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and financed the political careers of that faction's candidates Acapulcothe place where the Beltrán Leyva family had their operations center.

Who was Grandpa and what connection did Evelyn Salgados ex father in lawEvelyn Salgado is governor of the state of Guerrero and had Joaquín Alonso Piedra, aka “Abuelón,” as her former father-in-law. Photo: Instagram Evelyn Salgado

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Who else was injured in the attack on “Abuelón”?

Joaquín Alonso Piedra was killed by multiple gunshots in the company of his family and in a safe environment for him. His wife sustained serious injuries as a result of the incident. He “Grandpa” died after arriving at the hospitalalthough he was quickly transferred.