Who was Martha Ochoa from Griselda in real life and

Who was Martha Ochoa from Griselda in real life and how she died in the Netflix series

“Griselda” For now, it is the series of the moment for the residents of Latin America and also for the Americans. With the outstanding participation of Sofia Vergara, the six chapters available on the Netflix platform tells us the life of a Colombian woman named Griselda Blanco in the context of drug trafficking in the United States, who became the leader of an entire criminal gang. In addition, there are a number of characters who have some relationship with him in one way or another – not necessarily on the same page – such as: Dario Sepúlvedaher third husband, June Hawkinsthe police who investigated his actions and, among others, Martha Ochoa, the protagonist of this article.

Miss Martha Ochoa, played by actress Julieth Restrepo, is Fabio Ochoa's cousin and Rafa Salazar's girlfriend in the Netflix fictionSo it plays an “important” role. We put her in quotes because she may not be one of the key roles in fiction, but she still adds to the plot many moments of tension, drama and danger that are highly appreciated by audiences and critics. But have you ever wondered who she is in real life or if she really exists? And in many productions, even if they are based on real stories, some points are usually added, omitted or changed, including certain characters.

As a preview, we can say that Martha Ochoa existed in real life, but there are some modifications in her story that were made to fit perfectly into the series and that you would certainly like to know about. Or you're probably curious about who this woman is in real life. That's why we leave you a summary of the information we have about her, her connections, family members, important events and much more. Of course we have one here SPOILER ALERTbecause in some moments we will touch on events that can be seen in the series.

The character of Martha Ochoa, played by Julieth Restrepo, as part of an official Griselda poster (Photo: Netflix)


Martha Ochoa, in real life, She was the sister of Juan David, Jorge Luis and Fabio Ochoa, which in the future would become the main drug marketers in Colombia and partners of the aforementioned Pablo Escobar. In other words, the young woman came from a family linked to violence and crime and, above all, to a world in which death could occur at any time of the day or become the victim of a reprisal, as happened to her in 1981. .

According to a report by El Heraldo, Martha Ochoa was kidnapped in an orange car on November 12, 1981 as she left the University of Antioquia in her native Colombia. She, 26 years old, was studying at the Faculty of Economics and was looking forward to graduating and continuing her career, but these feelings changed for a time as she endured a lot of suffering and fear as she was deprived of her freedom and imprisoned became the guerrilla group M-19, which demanded $1.2 million.

Instead of paying the ransom, the Ochoa family flatly refused to do so. In addition, they placed a notice so that more people would know that they would not give money to their enemies and that they would give a large sum of money if someone gave them information about their sister's whereabouts.

So the brothers called a meeting to which several drug traffickers were invited and it was said that the owners of multinational companies from their country were also present. There, each of the guests donated $640 to form a group called MAS (Death to the Murderer), whose mission would be to murder all the people who were behind and behind kidnappings.

During the first MAS operation, this new group received 25 people close to Luis Gabriel Bernal Villegas, the guerrilla responsible for the kidnapping of Martha Ochoa. The hope with the weapon was that the M-19 might give in to their demands, and it did. After being kidnapped for 91 days, Martha was released and returned to her family without paying the ransom demanded by the criminals.

The MAS then freed the guerrilla's wife, although not in the traditional way, but rather they released her in front of the facilities of El Colombiano de Medellín and tied her hands and feet. Afterwards, this group of supposed vigilantes continued to act against the kidnappers and murder those who were considered suspects.

How did Martha Ochoa's character die in Griselda?

At the beginning of the sixth and final chapter of the Netflix production in question, all viewers witnessed how Martha Ochoa's character, with Griselda Blanco, loses her life due to an overdose of ecstasy, which could be interpreted by her relatives as causing further problems for the protagonist of the series.

Knowing that no one would believe her, let alone the brothers of the Ochoa clan, Griselda ordered Martha Ochoa's body to be hidden and in this way to prevent the character played by Julieth Restrepo from appearing again.