Who will win the BBB 23 Find out what the

Who will win the BBB 23? Find out what the dynamics will be like last week TV

Tadeu Schmidt explained the dynamics of the last week of the BBB 23 on Thursday evening (20). The moderator explained that the first finalist of the edition will be determined in an endurance test. The other three contestants will still fight for the audience’s favor on the final wall of the season.

The journalist gave details of the last five days of the Globo reality show after the departure of Ricardo Camargo. “Let’s combine the dynamics of the next few days? Now it’s easy. The finalist test will start shortly. Whoever wins guarantees a place in the final,” he said.

The winner of the dynamic not only gets a place in the final, which will be shown this Tuesday (25th), but also a new kilometer car. “By the end of the race, we will tear down a wall with the three remaining,” Schmidt continued.

“On Sunday (23rd) we will have the final elimination and then we will open a vote to see who should win the BBB 23,” concluded the former Fantástico presenter.

Bruna guessed resistance test

After winning the last Leader’s Trial, Bruna Griphao is prepared for the worst. On Thursday night (20th), the actress bet with Aline Wirley that the Prova do Finalista as the dynamic that will define the final wall of the season has been called will be one of resistance. “If so, Aline is already in the final,” he joked.

The participants do not yet know that there will be a new race after the definition of the hot seat between Ricardo Camargo and Larissa Santos. The actress in Avenida Brasil (2012), who was expelled from the director’s office after an extraordinary warning about the production, suspected that a turnaround was imminent.

“I’m dressed smartly for the test,” she said, wearing light clothing and sneakers. “It hasn’t closed here yet [em referência à área externa]. That will be outside,” said the sports teacher.

“It will be for sure,” agreed Aline, whose husband, actor Igor Rickli, has filed a complaint with police over social media threats against the family. “And since you like a little taste, right. Resistance,” added the personal trainer.

“If it’s a resistance test, Aline is already in the final,” added Bruna, which made the exRouge laugh. “Even if not, I’m f*. I think it won’t just be resistance,” mused the musician.

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