Why did the Minister of Health of Bogota correct Gustavo

Why did the Minister of Health of Bogota correct Gustavo Petro regarding the insulin deficiency?

Why did the Minister of Health of Bogota correct Gustavo

He Insulin deficiency It is a problem that causes concern the Colombian healthcare system. Following a statement by President Gustavo Petro, who noted that the lack of misuse of this drug was justified, the Minister of Health of Bogotá was consulted in an interview and corrected the president's reasoning. In addition, Invima published a report detailing the reasons for the crisis surrounding this drug.

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During his speech on February 23rd at the inauguration of part of his cabinet Gustavo Petro he referred Insulin deficiency. The president pointed out that there are people who use the health system to lose weight through insulin, while diabetics have no control. “In the new EPS, 70% of connected diabetics have no control.”

Around, Gerson BermontMinister of Health of the city of Bogotá, stated: “I believe that the President has made a small mistake when it comes to the naming of insulin in this type of treatment or use by users.” He also clarified the situation. The capital is in relation to Insulin deficiency. “We don't have any difficulties at the moment. With some operators there are sometimes impossibilities in delivery and that needs to be corrected, but in Bogotá there are no difficulties at the moment,” he explained.

Can insulin help you lose weight?

The Colombian president's controversial statement sparked an echo about the use of insulin in weight loss treatments. Carlos Mendivil, a diabetes doctor, pointed out to Blu Radio the complications that this use could cause. “Not only is he not losing weight; Rather, hypoglycemia occurs: you feel hungry, sweating, cold, you can lose consciousness and there can even be neurological damage that can lead to death,” he explained.

Is there an insulin deficiency in Colombia?

He Ministry of Health and that Invima published a report clarifying the situation Insulin shortage in Colombia. In the statement, they point out that “nine insulins are marketed in the country that have current health registration” and detail the status of these processes.

refer to Insulin LisproAccording to the report, the process is in the “monitoring phase” as the sole owner (Humalog), which markets the product, has not responded. A similar situation to what is happening Glargine, whose owner Invima informed about the delay and disruption of delivery, which is why the company classified the company as “at risk of shortages” in February. However, it is expected that there will be reservations again in the coming days.

In a similar context there is Degludec, as there was a shortage of products at the end of last year after there was insufficient availability in the previous months. In November and December they were classified as “at risk of shortages”.

At the same time, Erika MontanazDirector of the Voces Diabetes Colombia Foundation, added other factors Insulin crisis. “The reasons why there is no availability of insulin in the country are the financial burden on the system, the logjam in logistics problems, the lack of availability of raw materials after the pandemic and the regulatory difficulties due to the Invima approvals,” he explained.