Why didnt Cusco FC show up at the beginning of

Why didn’t Cusco FC show up at the beginning of League 1 and lost to WO with Sport Huancayo?

The imperial team did not go to their debut at the Garcilaso de la Vega stadium, for which the Rojo Matador was declared the winner.

This Friday, February 3, the 2023 season of League 1 officially began. The opening game of the competition was to be Cusco FC vs. Sport Huancayo, for match day 3 of the opening tournament, at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega Stadium. However, this comparison was not carried out because the local team did not appear at the scene of the duel, so the representatives of the Peruvian championship declared the winner through WHERE (walkthrough) for the guest cast with a score of 3-0.

Although the organization of the tournament managed to get the approval of the government authorities to hold the game and the commissioner Carlos Alvarado warned what would happen in the absence of either rival (in addition to the extra 10 minutes), the Imperials did not go to Terrain.

Why did the Cusco team make this decision even though they were aware of the consequences? The answer lies in the position he had previously agreed with six other squads not to play in League 1 until the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) acts on his request.

Cusco FC, Alianza Lima, Melgar, Cienciano, Deportivo Binacional, Sport Boys and Deportivo Municipal are demanding that the precautionary measure obtained by the FPF regarding the competition’s television rights be annulled. Through this appeal, the panel, chaired by Agustín Lozano, managed to suspend the effects of all the contracts signed between the clubs and the Consorcio Fútbol Perú (GolPerú), which were not recognized by the FPF.

Joint statement by seven League 1 clubs. Photo: Diffusion

Joint statement by seven League 1 clubs. Photo: Diffusion

Since this requirement was not met, the aurinegro cast kept their word. In the same way, other teams like Alianza and Cienciano maintain the same position of not entering the competition and their managers have made that clear.

What happens if Cusco FC loses by WO again?

In the event that the Imperials add another loss by walkover, whether consecutive or not, League 1 regulations provide for direct relegation administratively as the penalty. Any games they have for the rest of the season will be settled as victories over their rivals by a score of 3-0.