Why didnt Jesus Castillo sign the U and eventually become

Why didn’t Jesús Castillo sign the “U” and eventually become an Alianza character?

This season, to the surprise of many fans, Jesus Castillo has become an important part Lima Alliance. The international midfielder joined the blue and white team earlier in the year after enjoying several good seasons at Cantolao Sports Academy. However, the fate of the 27-year-old footballer could have been different as he was in the crosshairs of University of Sports for this year 2023. In this note we explain to you why the arrival of the national midfielder at the Creme club did not materialize.

Why didn’t Jesús Castillo sign for Universitario?

According to Líbero journalist Gustavo Peralta University of Sports closely followed the performance of Jesus Castillo in Cantolao and was liked by Carlos Compagnucci, coach of the Creams earlier in the season.

Why didnt Jesus Castillo sign the U and eventually become

However, the communicator reported that the football player’s arrival at Ate Club did not take place, as it was believed that there were several players in that position.

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“Despite the ‘U”s initial interest in Jesús Castillo, which didn’t materialize due to the midfielder’s overcast, the former Cantolao player will join from Alianza Lima for the next two seasons,” the spokesman published on his account. Twitter official.

The figures of Jesús Castillo in Alianza Lima

Since arriving at Lima Alliance, Jesus Castillo He has played 589 minutes in 12 games between that League 1 Betsson 2023 and the Copa Libertadores. Furthermore, the midfielder has worked with two assists. According to the specialist portal Transfermarkt, his passport is currently worth 450,000 euros.