quotWhy is he defending Hamasquot and Orsini blurts out Its

"Why is he defending Hamas?" and Orsini blurts out “It’s Always Cartabianca .”

“Hamas uses human shields in bombings? This is absolutely wrong.” This is how Alessandro Orsini expresses himself in E' semper Cartabianca, the program on Rete4, moderated by Bianca Berlinguer. The professor of sociology of international terrorism debates in particular with the journalist Annalisa Chirico, who puts him under pressure and also asks: “Why does he defend Hamas?”

“It is nonsense to say that there are thousands of deaths in Gaza because Hamas uses human shields. Hamas attacks a school full of children, kidnaps them and their teachers, shoots out of the windows, Israel shoots at the school and kills the children too: “This is a human shield. The human shield has nothing to do with Israel dropping bombs on a school or a mosque because there is a tunnel underneath,” says Orsini, already the protagonist of a heated question and answer from the journalist amid mutual accusations and threats of lawsuits.

“We keep saying this crazy sentence: There are deaths because Hamas uses human shields. Anyone who says that is ignorant. I am not defending Hamas, which has committed an unspeakable horror. That's not the point, the point is that Israel caused this.” “The deaths of 23,000 Palestinians have nothing to do with the concept of human shields,” adds the professor, who also deals with the issue of Israeli hostages.

“The hostage situation is complex because Hamas wants to use it to force the withdrawal of Israeli troops or at least a halt to the bombing, but Netanyahu does not foresee a solution of this kind. Hamas harbored hopes that turned out to be fulfilled. “He hoped in vain to bring home richer loot as part of the first exchange of hostages and prisoners: he did not achieve an extension of the 'state of rest',” he states. According to Orsini, “there is no division in the Israeli government, there is no part of the government that wants to stop the raids.”