Why wasn39t Justin Bieber on stage with Usher at the

Why wasn't Justin Bieber on stage with Usher at the Super Bowl?

Many fans expected to see Justin Bieber with Usher during the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show. Although these predictions caused a stir on social media, to the disappointment of many, Justin Bieber ultimately didn't show up. Usher breaks the silence and reveals the reason.

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“You know what? It just didn't work with Justin,” Usher told Radio Breakfast Club, according to the New York Post. “I think it's just because he wanted to tell a different story, and I understand that.” adds the man who was Justin Bieber's mentor and former collaborator.

Usher confirms that he has spoken to Justin Bieber, as well as several other artists, about planning the Super Bowl halftime show.

“Preparations for the Super Bowl show are under a lot of pressure, so I have written to everyone. “Justin wasn’t the only person I spoke to,” he continues.

Even though Justin Bieber declined an invitation to the Super Bowl, Usher fully understands his decision. He says it's only a matter of time before Justin Bieber performs at the Super Bowl halftime show.

“Maybe the time is later… He’ll perform at the Super Bowl. I will give it to him in the future. He has a career that deserves it. That hasn't happened yet, but that doesn't mean it never will.