Wife and children of Ecuadorian drug trafficker Fito are arrested

Wife and children of Ecuadorian drug trafficker Fito are arrested in Argentina Check

The crisis prompted President Daniel Noboa to declare a state of emergency in the country. Among the scenes of violence, There was an attack on a television station.

Inda Penarrieta, the drug lord's wife, reportedly entered Argentina ten days before her husband escaped from prison. She would be linked to the murder of prosecutor César Suárez, who investigated the attack on the television station and numerous cases against Los Choneros.

Fito's three children, Michelle (21), Ilse María (12) and Lian Sejam (4), were with their mother at the time of the arrest. Fito's nephew, Javier Macías Alcivar, was also arrested; from a family friend, Ángel Zambrano Chiquito; and an employee, Denny Yadira Laines Basurto, according to the newspaper La Voz del Interior.

All were taken to the provincial aviation directorate, from where they boarded a plane to Buenos Aires. According to the National Directorate of Migration, all will be extradited to Ecuador.

| Arrest in the heart of Cordoba:

Relatives of José Adolfo “Fito” Macías were captured in a country in Malagueño. His wife and three children.

Mega police agent deployed by Policía Federal, Gendarmería and ETER. pic.twitter.com/6axJ18nZ4V

Juan Pablo Ruiz (@juparu_ec) January 19, 2024