Wild turkeys spread terror in Louiseville Take baseball bats with

Wild turkeys spread terror in Louiseville: “Take baseball bats with you,” the mayor advises his citizens

After a video made the rounds on social media showing a man being chased around a car by a wild turkey in Louiseville, the city's mayor is advising his citizens to mobilize to hunt the animals themselves.

In the video filmed by a neighbor on Tuesday morning, we can see a Louiseville resident running around his vehicle to escape a wild turkey.

“I went close to the door and tried to scare him, but it didn't work,” says Michel Turcotte, the resident in question. She ran after me, I circled my car twice.”

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  • Listen to Louiseville Mayor Yvon Deshaies' interview with Mario Dumont on QUB:

The man then managed to escape the beast's clutches.

“She didn’t get me, but she was close to me,” he adds. I was pretty scared.”

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The city's mayor, Yvon Deshaies, claims to have received several complaints from his citizens about the presence of these wild animals, which have allegedly attacked other people.

“There is one that is very big and causes havoc,” says the mayor. He rushes towards the world. There was a person in a wheelchair, the turkey jumped on him. It was people who kept pushing the turkey because the person was being pecked. You know, a turkey’s claws are razor blades.”

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Mr Deshaies claims to have contacted the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks on the issue, but they have not responded to his queries.

While he waits for reinforcements to arrive, he advises his residents to take matters into their own hands.

“Tomorrow, the people of Louiseville, grab your baseball bats and it's over, it's the end. I tell you, we are there,” he said in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

“They tell me to be careful, not to approach them, not to pounce on them, not to feed them,” he continues. Let's be careful, it's serious, but tomorrow, friends of Louiseville, baseball bat, that's enough. We’re putting an end to this and, above all, protecting our children.”

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