Will Beatriz be banned from BBB 24 Sister ignores production

Will Beatriz be banned from BBB 24? Sister ignores production warning and breaks rules · TV

Beatriz Reis once again exaggerated her excitement and committed a serious offense at BBB 24. Even after receiving a warning from production about possible exclusion from the reality show, the saleswoman crossed the line again when she interacted with an artist who was visiting the reality show house. At the party this Friday (1st), she even touched Wesley Safadão's shoulders.

The singer appeared on the dance floor with those trapped during the event, but most of them behaved and formed a circle to sing his hits. At some point, in the early hours of this Saturday (2), Beatriz tried to make a move with the artist, breaking the rule.

The sister's behavior had already caused displeasure at the party during Xande de Pilares' performance last Saturday (24). She practically walked onto the stage, ignoring the warnings of the production team and her fellow prisoners.

On Wednesday (28) Beatriz was called into the confessional and insulted by the production team. According to a conversation with Alane Dias, Leidy Elin, Davi Brito and Matteus Amaral, she was warned that the behavior could lead to her elimination.

“I didn’t know either, now I know. I thought we could go to Tá com Nada. I felt very bad, very guilty,” says Bia, who promised not to repeat the mistake but overdid it again a few days later.

This Saturday morning, the topic “Beatriz expelled” was one of the most discussed topics on X (formerly Twitter). “Production indicates this is subject to immediate disposal. Therefore, for the sake of justice, we support the expulsion of Beatriz,” wrote the user identified as Anna Santos, who shared the video of her sister playing in Safadão.

“It's one thing for the singer to talk to the contestants, it's another thing for the contestant to touch the singer and invade their space without their permission. Even though he knows it's against the rules and has drawn attention to himself.” “The confessional should stop,” Cassie commented.

Despite public appeals on social media, Beatriz has not yet been called upon to produce the reality show.