Will Bryan Reyna leave Alianza Lima to play in Belgrano

Will Bryan Reyna leave Alianza Lima to play in Belgrano? This is known about your future

Will Bryan Reyna leave Alianza Lima to play in Belgrano

Bryan Reyna He is one of the most unbalanced players in Alianza Lima. The Peruvian winger arrived from Cantolao and reached a great level at the start of the 2023 season. He even earned a spot in the Peruvian team and it turned out that he was close to reaching Gremio del Brasileirao.

However, his signing fell through and Reyna stayed with the blue-whites until the end of the season. However, his performance declined and he was no longer a regular starter. Months later, The 25-year-old midfielder is about to make his permanent arrival in Belgrano, Argentina.. What is missing from your signing?

What is known about Bryan Reyna's future at Alianza Lima?

Journalist Pablo Ocampo spoke to Mauricio Loret de Mola and Michael Succar about the arrival of Bryan Reyna in Belgrano. In this regard, the communicator maintained this Lima Alliance He has met with the Peruvian midfielder's representative to finalize his departure from the club.

“Some time ago I spoke to a Belgrano leader, he told me that the situation was being negotiated. At this point, Alianza Lima leaders should meet with the player's representative to resolve the final issue. What does it depend on? A few more pesos or less. There is a very specific offer from Belgrano,” he said.

He also pointed out that the technician BelgranoGuillermo Farré needs a fast winger on this side. Therefore, Bryan Reyna would be the right person for the position. “He managed to put together a great squad, he brought in several players and was looking for a winger. That’s the quality he was looking for,” he added.

How much is Bryan Reyna worth in the market?

According to the specialist portal Transfermarkt, the 25-year-old footballer is worth 1 million euros. This is his highest price since arriving at Alianza Lima.

Who will be Alianza Lima's rivals in their Liga 1 debut in 2024?

Next Sunday, January 28th, Alianza Lima will face Universidad César Vallejo on the first matchday of Liga 1 2024. The game will take place at the National Stadium in Lima from 8:00 p.m.