Will Gustavo Petros government achieve agrarian reform for total peace

Will Gustavo Petro’s government achieve agrarian reform for total peace? BluRadio

President Gustavo Petro, during the re-establishment of the commission for follow-up, promotion and verification of the implementation of the final agreement, assured that in order to achieve peace in Colombia it was necessary to push ahead with a reform of the country’s fiscal framework and to prioritize land purchases. This Monday on Mañanas Blu, when Colombia is on the air, we will be talking about the government’s goal of achieving total peace and fulfilling point one of the Havana Accords. Will President Gustavo Petro achieve agrarian reform for total peace?

Hear Fedegan President José Félix Lafaurie, Senator Paloma Valencia and Congressman Humberto de la Calle share their views on the matter.

“The reports that the President has published do not suit me. Buying land has advantages, it dispels the specter of the supposed and fake wave of expropriation. I agree with President Petro, but I think it’s a lower figure than what’s being made public,” said Senator Humberto de la Calle.

“Fedegán will accompany the government. Petro was elected and said: ‘I will fulfill the agreement’. I’m one of those who believe that Colombia will be a developed country if it really unleashes the capacity of the rural sector.”said Jose Felix Lafaurie.

“The question isn’t whether we don’t conform to the Havana agreements, because I continue to believe that these are illegitimate agreements that are being damaged by the no that we Colombians have given. I don’t think a country should focus on one agricultural sector, it’s such a bad deal that when the third automation revolution comes around, developed countries are subsidizing it,” said Senator Paloma Valencia.